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Supreme Zion is the new strongest form of Zion. He surpasses the form Mystic Zion during the The Serenum Games which makes this page a spoiler until the games end.

Supreme Zion's base.



  • Every Basic Attack and Abillities
  • Kamehameha (All versions)
  • Omega Kamehameha
  • Big Bang Attack
  • Final Bang Kamehameha
  • Final Flash
  • Dragon Fist
    Images (40)hj

    Zion after Mars dodged his attack.

  • Spirit Bomb
  • Spirit Dragon Fist
  • Fusion (Other person must know)
  • Instant Transmition
  • Dragon Kamehameha
  • Mystical Charge
  • Stark Blast
  • Potara Kamehameha
  • Ultra Potara Kamehameha

Major Fights (RP Sagas)

  • (Win) The Serenum Games - Vs Mars - Mars was killed after Zion told him he did not want to kill him by fighting but Mars kept fighting........Zion stomped on Mars stomach and that was the end.
  • (Win) Vs - Won by a Family Kamehameha. 

Major Fights (Spar)

Images (22)b k

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