This article, Supreme Shenron (Lookout RP), is a Role-Play article.

This article, Supreme Shenron (Lookout RP), is a Role-Play article.

Supreme Shenron is the Shenron Dragon that lives and emerges from the Supreme Dragon Balls

About and Overview

Supreme Shenron is the Supreme Dragon being who lives in the Supreme Dragon Balls. Supreme Shenron had not been summoned for thousands of years, until The Lookout Crew summoned him in curiosity, when they found the Supreme Dragon Balls in the Lookout's basement. Supreme Shenron's personality is like other Dragons, he is stern but forgiving. He can grant up to two wishes, but after he is in a restored state, he can grant four wishes. When he is done granting wishes, he emerges back in the Supreme Dragon Balls and they spread across the Galaxy (Northern).


Supreme Shenron is long and twisty, like others. Only he has a more, snake-like appearance. He has long scales like a King Cobra on his neck, a long head like Shenron, and a four pack. His eyes are golden and glow golden when he makes a wish. He is dark green overall.

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