This article, Supreme Shenron, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Supreme Shenron, is a Role-Play article.

Supreme Shenron
Supreme Shenron
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Supreme Shenron (至高神龍), is a fusion of Oceanus Shenron, Haze Shenron and, Rage Shenron. Because her form is mainly Oceanus, the gender is a girl.


Supreme Shenron is actually nice, but is considered average at a Max PL of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

Supreme Shenron was created from Hell. They escaped from Hell with training by taking a Good/Evil test. The machine said Good, which Yemma thought it was broken (Thinking that the negative energy from the dragonballs and the fusion made them evil before the test). They got their bodies back soon after. They really changed and met Caitlynn on her adventure to find the dragonballs.


  • High Speed Rush
  • Kamehameha
  • Ki Blast
  • Masenko
  • Dragon Hurricane
  • Finish Buster
  • Burning Attack
  • Death Beam(Agreed Not to use it as long as She's good)
  • Meteor Smash
  • Water Kamehameha (About the same as Kamehameha, But Puts out Big fires 100x Better. Invented by Oceanus Shenron)
  • Dirt Kamehameha (About the same as Kamehameha, But uses Dirt. Invented by Haze shenron)
  • Dodon Ray
  • Destructo Disk
  • Supreme Rush


  • Instant Transmission
  • After-Image
  • Trap-Technique
  • Lock-On Technique
  • Pollution
Supreme Shenron in her Human form

Supreme Shenron in her commonly used Human form.


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