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The Supreme Kaioken(究極界王拳, Saikyo no Kaioken; Lit. "Ultimate World King Fist) is the strongest form of Kaioken. It is invented and wielded solely by Rasetsu. It is the successor and superior counterpart to the original Kaio-ken technique and the stipulations and parameters to obtain it are completely unknown. Rasetsu becomes sickeningly more powerful upon utilizing The Supreme Kaioken. All those that have attempted mastery of it have not come out with their bodies in tact. Opponents with Auto-copy abilities explode indiscriminantly upon trying to replicate the Supreme Kaio-ken.


The Supreme Kaioken is more or less a mystery. It is an ability which grants Rasetsu untold and unfathomable power. How to obtain usage of it is unknown. It is heavily implied that the basis of Supreme Kaioken is to multiply the users power, working on the same premise as its predecessor technique. However, it isn't known just how many folds increases by, but upon sensing only a slight increase in his power, Piccolo assumed that Rasetsu's power had increased by "several hundred billion squares". It is later revealed that The Supreme Kaioken uses no limit Karatsuba Multiplication to increase Rasetsu's power to ungodly levels. Using this technique dyes Rasetsu's body a furious black and red while his hair and eyes also get consumed in a burning red. His body generates an astronomical heat that is constantly rising, enough to destroy the atoms of what is in his surroundings.

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