This article, Supreme Fusion Dance, is a Role-Play article.

The Supreme Fusion Dance is a stronger version of the Metamoran fusion dance.  Instead of lasting for 30 minutes like the fusion normally does, this form can last for however long the users want to stay fused.  However, if the user is knocked unconscious, severely wounded, or tired, the fusion will wear off and they will split back into two beings.

How to use the Supreme Fusion Dance

To use the Supreme Fusion Dance, the two people who will fuse must first, spin around in a twirl. Then, they must clap their hands together and reach out both their palms. The users will then clap their palms with their partners palms, causing lightning to spark through both of their bodies. Then the users must say "FUSION HAA!" like they usually do. The final step is to surge lightning through your opponents body which will give them enough ki to fuse with you and then there is an explosion and an energy barrier surrounds you and your partner. After that, you are fused into another being, a supreme being.

Supreme Fusions

  • Supreme Gotenks

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