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The Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki Adminincial Election, January 2013 is the 1st annual Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki Adminincial Election.  It started January 1st, 2013, and end January 8th, 2013 (7 days before supposed too).

CertainlyNot1218 won the election, with 13 electoral votes out of the 13 required. Powerful gohan the day after also won with 11 votes. CN's was lowered to 11, in a case of possible fraud.

At first the election started with candidates and vice admins; Powerful gohan (Goten66), ParadoxSpiral (..), CertainlyNot1218 (Michael Iron), Maroyasha (Goten66), TrunksI (None), PhantomSilverShenron (Ultra Kuzon), and Ezio Editore da California (SupremeLegacy). On January 3rd, sign up closed with those. This election, badly turned and lost 7 days. Early voting, at first CN (CertainlyNot1218) was leading by 11 votes and the limit was 12, while ParadoxSpiral had 4 and Powerful gohan had 2 (the ones with the most). The number for winning votes, went up to 13 due to the close call almost 10 days before the election night. CN was almost kicked out from the election, for cheating multiple votes on Dragon Ball wiki chat, with proof. This was debated, and soon put down; but CN got 3 votes taken away for it, not kicked. CN was now at 9 votes, PG soon (was going to leave the wiki) went far up to 7 and soon 8 votes. ParadoxSpiral got to 5 votes (needed for main candidate) the day barely before early voting and main candidate pick happened. CertainlyNot1218, Powerful gohan, and ParadoxSpiral won main candidate. They were going to debate in a few days and so, with PG leading in votes by 11, CN at 9. Wasn't long before CN got 12 and soon 13 and won the election. The other candidates were confirmed, but this election had no debates, or time for anything due to CN's popularity. The forum was then closed and celebrated his first term.

CN's votes were lowered to 11, for certain reasons, the same number Powerful gohan's was. Since the wiki needed 2 new admins anyway, they were both elected. Powerful gohan and CertainlyNot1218 were the new administrators.

The Rules of this Election

1- OTHER ADMINISTRATOR CANDIDATES CAN NOT VOTE FOR OTHER ONES. (makes no sense anyway until the 8th when the main candidates are picked if you aren't one)

2- (optional) When voting, you can leave the reason you vote for that candidate.

3- You can only vote for one person at once.


5- Anons (Wikia contributors) can not vote.

6- The Vice admin's can vote for other users. Not that important. 

7- You can be vice admin for up to 2 users only.

8- Only comments that RETAIN to the post are allowed (only voting).

9- 2 WEEKS OF EDITING AND EXPERIENCE TO VOTE. This is so you can't can random users from other wiki's to vote for you.

10- As said far above (rule 1), administrator candidates can't vote for others until the 8th if you don't win main candidate.

11- You must have 5 edits,

The Main candidates are above listed. You can now change your vote if you voted for someone who didn't get a main candidate. Ends the 13th.


  • January 1st - Sign Up opens
  • January 3rd - Sign Up closes/Early Voting Opens
  • January 8th - The Main Candidates are picked/Early Voting closes
  • January 10th - The first of the 2 adminincial debates.
  • January 12th - The Vice Adminincial debate
  • January 13th- The second of the 2 adminincial debates.
  • January 15th - Election Night
  • January 16th - The Admin is innagurated into office

Schedule that happened in this election

  • January 1st - Sign Up opens
  • January 3rd - Sign Up closes/Early voting opens
  • January 6th - Main candidates picked
  • January 7th - Early voting closes and Major voting opens
  • January 8th - The Election is won by CertainlyNot1812 7 days early.
  • January 9th - Admin is innagurated into office

In order

  1. You can sign up for to be a candidate for Administrator, starting January 1st, 2013.
  2. In between the 1st and the 8th of January, you will campaign and try to make it to 5 votes. 5 votes = Major candidate for admin.
  3. The Leader, Ultra Kuzon, will hand pick the candidates, which usually only the ones who are against the rules (read below) will be removed.
  4. There can be up to three major candidates running.
  5. The debates are held. There are two of them.
  6. On January 15th, the next Administrator with 12 votes (can be 13 or 14 if more than one person has over 12) or over is elected for a 2 month term and on. If both candidates have over 25 votes, then the number is raised to 28 or 30 or even 35 or higher.
  7. On the morning of the 16th, the admin will be sworn in. The Innaguration.
  8. On March 15th and so, is the next election and on. Every two months (January, skip February, March, skip April, May etc.).
  • If there is a problem and a user can't be in at the permitted time (like on debate night or Innaguration), it will be postponed to another day.


  • If you have been banned from the chat or wiki more than three times, you can not run. If you have previously been demoted more than two times, you can not run (this is a rule anyway).
  • No more than three major candidates. Two is the normal number, but if there are more than three with more than 15 votes, the bar is raised to 17 needed. If still, it will raise as necessary.
  • A candidate is allowed any number of terms. There is no limit.
  • Due to previous encounters, there will be comment voting on the voting page (will be posted on the 3rd of January). No polls, to prevent making socks, and so we can know who it is.
  1. There are two Adminincial debates.
  2. Of Admin parties (below), there can be two or more Democrats running or Republicans or so. There is no limit.
  3. The candidate must be any of the following parties: Democratic, Republican, or Lookout party.
  4. The Lookout party, since it is new, follows the Independent or 3rd party of real life. It is neither Democrat or Republican.

Supreme Dragon Ball Adminicial Election January 2013



All Candidates and their info and results

Image6 CertainlyNot1218

Vice Admin - Michael Iron

Party: Democratic party

Previous standings - Chat moderator

Votes needed to win: 13 (can be changed)

Votes to become a major candidate: 5 (can be changed)

Popular Vote: TBA.

Votes : 13

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