The Lookout Policy

Policies/guidelines have been created to keep the Lookout wiki a free, editable database that is also fun for everyone. These are required for all editors. All admins are required to know these (tip: update your knowledge occasionally as you can forget or they are updated). They cover normal wiki rules, chat rules, RP rules, and page standards.

There are basic rules on the wiki, and the ones that most wikis on Wikia follow. They are very easy to understand. This wiki prefers to make use of ethics/common sense judgment instead of tons of bland listed rules.

Basic rules

These rules apply to the entire wiki. 

Wiki and Chat

For all rule breaks, you will be issued a warning and then an appropriate punishment by an admin or mod.

  • You are not to vandalize, troll or hurt any part of the wiki deliberately. You will be issued a a warning then a suitable punishment judged by an admin.
    • This includes purposely hurting the reputation of the wiki. For example, when a user enters chat, saying non-jokingly "This wiki sucks" or "Leave please, this place is bad" or "Leave".
  • You are not to purposely insult, antagonize, or discredit other users, wikis, or affiliations. This includes trolling; just causing unnecessary conflict to cause conflict.
    • An admin will decide (appropriately) if a word will be counted as an insult. Certain words such as "asshole" and "ignorant" are not usually considered insults, but more 'criticism'.
  • Sockpuppeting is not allowed. If a wiki knows who the person behind an account is, it is not considered a sock. If people are unaware of who you are, it is considered a sock (unless it is for joke reasons, and a short time later you reveal who you are).
  • Outright plagiarism is not allowed without sources listed.
  • You are not allowed to make several random blogs or forums with little to pointless reasons (ex. Making 8 blogs in a day like "Do you like Goku?", "Do you like Naruto?" etc.). No flooding the wiki.
  • Edit farming is not allowed. Edit farming is pointlessly editing something several times just for edits (ex. adding a category, then pressing save, then adding another, etc. when you can just add them all at once). This includes editing several sections for small mistakes several times, when you can just edit the whole page (unless you was unaware of the mistakes when you published).
  • All user-related pages must go on their userpage or a subpage titled "User:Username/Page Name".
  • No tampering with the chat log page. Due to an incident, this apparently needs to be articulated. Tampering with logs is considered high level vandalization, and will immediately be met with a 3 day block or more depending on the severity of the act. Admins will be temp demoted for a month if they are the cause.
  • You are not allowed to discredit or insult another user or character on your page (unless it is in RP). For example, "I beat that dumbass user, Jack70's RP character in battle".
  • Absolutely no racial remarks are allowed on pages with bad meaning. (ex. This is my character, Jack. He is a nigger.)
  • Wiki issues discussions are typically held between the admins. Not every admin has perfect judgement and are allowed to be open to new ideas/judgement. It is recommended admins discuss issues with the users, get their input, then discuss among themselves, before deciding on it or going to a forum for a vote.


  • All pages must of a decent length, with around at least 1k bytes. Pages or users will be issued a 2-week warning before deletion.
    • Joke pages are exempt from length restrictions, but still can't contain overly-offensive, harassing, or other such content (but users also shouldn't be super sensitive, and try to have fun!). Spamming joke pages is not allowed.
  • All pages are to be written as if they were in-universe documents. With no reference to the anime or merchandise (except references or fourth-wall breaks).
  • All images on pages must be uploaded to the wiki.
  • All policy pages and character pages of significance (such as Gods and such) must be validated (accepted by the users/admins). Gods must be confirmed using the "{{God}}" template atop the page. 
  • When an official RP page (including abandoned characters) is no longer in official RP use (or the universe drastically changed its lore after its making), it must have the "{{No longer in use}}" template atop the page.


  • All pages must have either the Fan-Fiction or Role-Play. categories, as well as who added it. Pages can have both categories if they fall into both.
    • Fan-Fiction = purely fan-made material not related to RP
    • Role-Play = anything within the RP universe
  • Unnecessary categories such as 'Powerful, Fan-Made, Fan Transformations", Fan Made Characters, Fan Characters' etc. are not allowed. See here for some.
  • Useless categories such as 'Pewp, Powerful, Weak, Good' or any others are not allowed.
  • Duplicate categories are not allowed (ex. Human and Humans. Pages added by John and Pages created by John).
  • The required category on all wiki-policy or wiki-special pages (and only those) is "Policy". No property templates or categories go on those pages.


  • Please refrain from speaking languages other than English. Most of the users here only speak it. If you continue to do so after being told to stop you'll be directed elsewhere. If not, it will be considered as spam and will be dealt with as such. Exceptions are for jokes.
  • Excessive spamming is not allowed without mod consent.
  • Derogatory racial words (ex. nigger) are allowed if used in a joking context. If meant to be racist and offensive, you will be kicked automatically.
  • Harassment is not allowed. If someone is legitimately harassing you in Private Message, report them to a mod. If a user complains, you are obliged to stop.
  • Nuking chat (filling it with large amounts of letters, enough to crash it) is not allowed. Yelling "NUKE TIME" is, if you put a "JK" or "just kidding" after it.
  • Ascii art (pictures made from text) is only allowed if a mod or admin says so. It can cause lag for other users.
  • No inappropriate emotes or posted pictures, with pornography or explicit material (porn is considered showing open bare genitalia).
  • No linking to porn sites in main chat. Do so in private message.
  • An admin or mod can end a discussion if it becomes too harsh and aggressive. All user issues/arguments can be done in PM or multi PM if they get too harsh.
  • Non-serious discussions about subjects such as rape is allowed to an extent.
  • Give a warning before linking links to shock sites, like with rapid changing colors/loud noise, etc. because these can cause problems for people with epilepsy or such.
  • DO NOT SPAM THE CHAT BOT - using commands improperly repeatedly will result in a kick. Alissa the Wise Wolf is the owner of the bot, and as such you cannot contend against her rules surrounding the bot. The bot is meant to record RP and chat, and nothing else.

Role-Play (RP)

These rules all apply to the wiki's Lookout I/II universe.

  • Admins and users will be sure to let all users know if a certain character is considered breaking a rule, godmodding, or overpowered (OP) for use in official RP.
  • Characters of whom achieved any special or exclusive form or technique such as the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation must have an explanation of how.
  • Characters are not allowed to have abilities to revive the dead, and have significant limits on any technique capable of that power.
  • You are not allowed to add abilities right before or during a fight; give it some time. If you wish to add abilities, you may only add them if you have specifically stated your character had trained for a while. This means the best time to do this is after a timeskip. As for tournaments, if a user is caught using an ability not listed on their character page or if they add an ability mid tournament, they will be automatically disqualified


  • Regeneration is a powerful ability, so restrictions were formed so that it can't be abused to the highest degree as if it were immortality. First, Regeneration weakens after each regeneration. Regeneration does not recover Stamina. If your stamina is too low, regeneration will not work. Remember, Regeneration is not immortality.
  • Teleportation will sap your stamina from use. Teleportation cannot be used in high stress situations where focus is impossible. If Goku can't use it, even though he mastered it, while a giant ball of planet killing death was chasing after him, then you can't either. Those who try to use it when too weak or exhausted will suffer consequences of harming themselves, or knocking themselves unconscious. Characters must have a detailed explanation as to why they know how to teleport. 
  • After a battle has lasted a good while, characters must start to show some level of Fatigue. This lets us know time has actually passed in RP and that no one has infinite reserve of energy. Repeated blows to the head must result in a daze, with the severity increasing with each blow. Your heads aren't made of katchin, and your brain doesn't stay in one place, it floats in fluid unless one of you decided to bolt the damn thing to your skull. Daze and Stagger should also apply to significant hits to the abdomen, back, and/or back of neck. All attacks that ignore durability should inflict a stagger or daze, and all abilities that attack the soul directly will result in a lengthy daze of a few seconds as the attack damaged your very existence.
  • See the Gods page for rules on how those work.


  • All normal page standards listed above.
  • All RP pages are required to have the "Role-Play" category.
  • Character pages must follow this layout similarly: Example Character Page
  • RP character pages must include:
    • a listed race
    • the user who created it/uses it
    • a section for abilities the character uses
    • a section that has a short backstory, describing the basic origins of your character/where they came from.
    • Whether they are affiliated with the Lookout Crew or other group, and are the leader of a space empire or Kingdom. It is recommended these are in the opening paragraph.
    • a section that lists all major events the character has participated in, such as battles or arcs. Casual RPs are not required.
  • If a user is to leave the wiki with notice for a long period of time, they are required to put an explanation for why a character is absent for such a long time in the RPverse. If a user leaves without notice for a long period of time, or never returns, "[character] left suddenly out no where and was never seen again" will be put on the page.

Empires/Space Conquering

  • All empires/space operations that own planets or galaxies must have a page with the following info: Population, number of soldiers, short backstory, and leader. It is recommended to put extra warfare info, such as weaponry or such.
  • Empires or space kingdoms etc. must have a good reason to expand. It is just illogical and unrealistic for a small little space empire to increase by 50 billion galaxies suddenly.

Dragon Ball use (DBZ RP)

  • All Dragon Ball sets that exist in the universe (made by characters, etc.) must match with the rules listed on the DB listing page.
  • Users can not make their own set of DBs whenever/however they want. You must talk to an admin about why and how it would be useful to the RPverse.

Creating other RP universes

  • The main universe Lookout RP uses is not the only one you can RP in it. Being able to create another RP universe is perfectly possible by any user, just be sure to make a page for it or forum describing it. You can RP in it and make new characters or whatever, and have others join and do the same.
    • Character pages for the universe must be titled "Character Name (Name of the RP Universe)" (ex. John (Everworld)). 
    • All the same RP rules apply to these.

Existential erasers

Existential Erasers are abilities defined by their nature to be limitless in their potential, that with proper training, can erase existence itself. These are by far the most hax, most overpowered abilties, and as such, this regulation is here to maintain a fair power balance. All abilities as listed below are hereby limited from RP usage. All pages with them are to have a thorough background and explanation and approval by the admins. To be approved, it must be properly explained and thoroughly described, reasonably limited, and all weaknesses listed and described.

Abilities deemed as Existential Erasers:

  1. Energy Manipulation
  2. Magical Energy Manipulation
  3. Particle Energy Manipulation
  4. Gravity Manipulation
  5. Spatial Manipulation
  6. Fundamental Manipulation (Maniupation of the 4 fundamentals of the universe)
  7. Conceptual Manipulation
  8. Time Manipulation
  9. All powers and abilities based in Concepts (I.E. Absolute Darkness)
  10. Reality Manipulation
  11. Actuality Manipulation

More will be added as abilities are researched.


  • All pages that are purely fan-fiction (not related to RP or canon) are required to have the "Fan-Fiction" category.
  • If it is a fan-fiction page with elements from RP or containing RP characters, it gets both the Role-Play and Fan-Fiction categories.

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