The Supreme Diabolation Sphere.

The Supreme Diabolation Sphere (至高悪球, Saikyo no Akutama) is one of the many finishing attacks used in Rasetsu's vast roster of moves. It is an extraodinarily powerful energy ball that is said to be composed of pure energy and evil, to the point where the ball itself has developed its own sense of murderous rage and anger. The Supreme Diabolation Sphere, more commonly referred to as The SDS is more than a mere attack. It is an unholy event that is famed to be capable of bringing about the absolute climax of any being, race, location, or existance in the known universe. For its nature, Rasetsu also nicknames the SDS itself The Devourer of Worlds(世界の食い).


The SDS is never used, and Rasetsu refuses to acknowledge the existance of such a great evil generated by him. The move always goes unused in battle, though in the extreme situation that Rasetsu's mind is shut down and he goes berserk, his devilish personality is prone to using this attack. The Supreme Diabolation Sphere is a progeny of evil so dark, menacing, and volatile, that its very existance emulates that of a supermassive blackhole. The Sphere is flawless, it will devour and consume all physical elements and add it to its own festering destructive capacity. Energy sources such as attacks are sucked in and transmuted to fuel its on energy, making it even stronger with each passing second. Buildings, Cities, entire Countries are ripped apart and sucked into The Sphere all the why feeding its massive hunger for power, just creating the energy ball alone means the climax of the battle.

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