"The fight to become stronger is also to fight against oneself. There is a reason why humans are considered the scum of the universe. We feign innocents, we pretend to care, to love, to understand each other and others, but its all a lie. The truth his, the nature of humans is inherently evil itself... and not even the power of The Chosen One is beyond that. Heed these words; In the fight to save the world from monsters, take heed you do not become one yourself"
— Master Roshi to Darshe


Super Sapien 2 Darshe

Super Sapien 2 
is the second level of Super Sapien first unlocked by Darshe. It is a quite a shocking feat for any Super Sapien to ascend to this level, as it was greatly believed and confirmed by others that there was no level beyond the first Super Sapien power. However after extreme, godlike training in the ROSAT, Darshe emerged in this form. Super Sapien to holds an extremely dark and menacing secret that is revealed later.


The Super Sapien 2 forms specifics went unknown for a long time due to how dark ones heart must become in order to reach it. The Sapien must already have complete and utter control over the initial Super Sapien transformation and its modes before even considering getting to this level. Super Sapien 2 is then achieved by channeling ones hate and self loathing of ones shortcomings into something self righteous. To reach it one must feel the opposite of everything they felt when becoming a Super Sapien. One feels self righteousness, self importance, disregard for others, even hate for ones own comrades. This causes the power to black and become tained but also causes them to enter Super Sapien 2, a massively more powerful form of the previous one.

Usage & Power

Super Sapien to is a fit successor for the first form, providing the user with another massive power multiplication and a grand increase in all ones physical aspects such as strength, speed, and durability among many other things. The Super Sapien 2 transformation is extremely strong and grants the Sapien using it godlike power. But there is a dark secret to the form, and part of learning that secret is also learning what one must feel in order to obtain it. The dark emotions that one feels upon using this transformation constantly dominates the Sapiens heart and intentions, making them exceedingly bloodthirsty and prone to evil actions, as shown when Darshe's normally giving, selfless personality was replaced with arrogance and self righteousness, and extremely violent behavior that causes a lot of collateral damage and puts people who can't protect themselves at risk.

The user is continually in danger of succumbing to and being overwhelmed by these emotions, and the feelings become stronger and stronger the longer they remain in this form. The hate and negative emotions will endlessly continue to build until the user can no longer repress them. However, the this effect can be prolonged for a longer time if the user uses Super Sapien 2's power in short bursts and remains in that state for little amounts of time, but the darkness eventually hollows out the soul, causing deep depression and no matter what, the user will ultimately succumb to the festering darkness within them. When that happens, The Nephlyte is born.

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