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Super Sapien Darshe

"This is the power of selflessness. Self Sacrifice... the heartbeat of the innocent life that lasts forever. I am nothing as trivial as the light of the universe or the last hope, but rather, I am like the eternal seastone. You are the waves. Crash against me, and you will BREAK."
— Super Sapien Darshe

The Super Sapien transformation is the highest standard of power that a Human can achieve. There have only been a Hand full of Super Sapiens in the history of Humankind, nowhere as many Super Saiyans. The Super Sapien transformation. The first Sapien to transform into The Legendary Super Sapien in centuries was Darshe. This was later followed by Ruja, Durako, and Richter.


Sapiens, who refer to themselves as "Humans", were created as the ultimate product of love from a God called Avo who made Earth and much of the universe. The Sapiens were an intelligent design modeled after Avo himself, and as a gift Avo selected a "Chosen One" that would become The Super Sapien every few centuries. The Super Sapien is a mystic capable of performing miraculous acts of magic and healing. The Super Sapien transformations power is highly similar to that of the similarly named, Super Saiyan transformation that is used by Saiyans. Howerver, in order to become Super Sapien, a human must first meet a few requirements. They must be near the end of their life, whether it by taking physical damage or otherwise, and they must experience an absolute state of selflessness and thankfulness. Darshe obtained the understanding of Super Sapien after training with it as much as possible. When this happens, The Sapien's heart becomes supremely pure, asbolved of all evil and negativity, and they transform into "true saviors.

Usage & Power

The Super Sapien transformation initially multiplies the Sapiens power by 100X. It also restores them to the peak of their health and destroys all and any hints of physical damage returning them to a perfect state. A trained and fully realized Super Sapien who has mastered all the initial forms of Super Sapien unlocks a power bonus of 180X their original base forms power. The strength, speed, and durability of a Super Sapien is far above their original forms, as shown when Darshe effortlessly shrugged of a powerful attack without sustaining any damage, saying that he was impressed and probably would have been killed if he was in base form.

List of Super Sapiens

  • Darshe
  • Ruja
  • Durako
  • Richter

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