This is Ronsely's true form

This is Ronsely's true form, he has went to buy a necklace but a merchant sells him a cursed callar instead and then he becomes a Demon Rooey everynight, so he can't control the transformation. As he grows fur and spikes all around him, he doesn,'t remember who anyone is at this point.

He can do lots of powerful moves and he can fly at hight speeds fomr 1000mph-3000mph, so he's very fast. He cannot take off the cursed callar because it is permanent and he can't do anything to stop his transformation at all. The merchant wanted to sell him the cursed callar so that he could destroy Goku and friends.

So far he has almost killed everyone due to his actions.


Super Hot Kai Blast

Kai Punch(Super powerful)

Disappear attack

Dustructo Disic 2(Really strong)

FYI: I made this so do not edit the picture unless I say you can!!!!

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