This article, Super Release, is a Role-Play article.



The Super Release is a release of pure energy that would destroy all in its path. It would be a large spread of Apocalyptic energy throughout a large space.


People use it as a last ditch effort to eliminate their enemy, in turn for all their energy force even the energy that keeps them alive. Depending on how powerful the person is determines how large the blast radius will be and how much destruction it will cause.


If you were in an area where the blast radius would be you would die on the spot before the main blast got to you because the shock wave would compact all molecules that were hit together making every thing harder and smaller. After the shock wave you would see a large flash of light and tentacle like things that would make the very ground it ran over collapse into itself. Then a large ball of energy would come over and destroy everything in its blast radius. That would happen on a small scale version of a planet. The large scale would do all the same but destroy planets.


Very few people know how to make a Super Release. High energy level people know how, like Kage, Michael Iron, , Topazo, Agony, Hikari and many other people. Sadly many villains know how to do it also.

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