This article, Super Ian, is a Role-Play article.

Super Ian

Super Ian

Super Ian 2

Super Ian 2

"I'll give you a shock of power, You've never seen."
— Super Ian to the Lookout Crew

Super Ian is Ian's most powerful form. It looks like Frieza as is the reincarnation of Frieza.

Super Ian Saga

He appears at the end of the Super Ian Saga and is very arrogant compared to . He picked off The Lookout Crew well until Tre, DJ and Jeff got a new power, then he had some problems. When he knew that he was clearly being beaten, he absorbed all of the Dragon Balls and became Super Ian 2.

His New Power and Hideki's death

Ian's New Power shocked the fighters very much, and so Ian continued his killing spree until he witnessed his son die right before his eyes. This made Ian very angry and then all his evil thoughts disappeared, Ian then promised to never let it happen again and now continues his life in peace....for now......

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