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Super Human 5
is a Godlike Super Human Transformation and it is the successor Super Human 4. Sun-Wukong was the first Human to reach this level of transformation. In this form the Evolutionary powers of a human jump forward in power by another massive margin. This is characterized by the Ape Fur on their bodies becoming a staunt pale white.


In this state, Wukongs eyes become black and the centers become a light goldenrod with a thick gold yellow surrounding the outside of his eyes. His hair which usually remains tied into knots becomes undone and grows far longer than usual to the point of nearly dragging on the ground behind him. His skin also becomes noticeably tanner and he loses much of his upper body clothing while the his pants and boots remain.

Power & Usage

In this state, Wukong comes even closer to the power of the Titanian Eternals, and the form as been described as "yet another stair he has climbed on the path leading to the realm of gods". Super Human 5 gives Wukong his most distinctive ape-like appearance yet, showing the powers of the converging evolutions of man and monkey that humans overlook in the quest for power. The form is said to represent completeness, and gives Wukong a variety of new mystical powers such as heightened awarness, precognition, and divination, in addition to increasing his already incredible power by immense margins. His energy ki aura becomes of a multicolored rainbow representing "completeness" and can bring life back to his surroundings such as restoring plants.

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