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Super Human (Maroyasha's Form)

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This article, Super Human (Maroyasha's Form), is a Role-Play article.

This article, Super Human (Maroyasha's Form), is a Role-Play article.

Super Human
SSH Gogi
Chō jinteki
Anime name Super Human
Manga name Super Human
Debut RP
Appears in RP
Inventor Gogi
Users Gogi
Class Transformation
Similar techniques Super Saiyan
This form of Super Human is used by only Gogi. There are multiple forms. The known ones are:


  • False Super Human
  • Super Human
  • Super Human 2
  • Super Human 4 (Maroyasha's Form)

Each form is slightly stronger than its Super Saiyan counterpart. For example, Super Saiyan multiplies by 50, Super Human multiplies by 55. This type of Super Human can also only be done by Saiyan/Human hybrids.

Currents Users

  • Gogi

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