Stellarnova is an ultimate move used by Devil Tenchi, and it is even stronger than his Black Hole attack. Stellarnova creates a paradox of destruction which violently clashes a ridiculous amount of destructive force into one another causing them to explode upon contact. When beginning this technique, Tenchi raises his hand high and shoots a beam that opens a massive rift in the sky. He floats up to it and looks down on his victims with a terrorizing smile. He then holds his hands out and begins creating his most powerful energy sphere yet. Golden particles of energy manifest and begin creating the ball with a purple outline.

These are God Particles, the energy that existed before time and gave way to the big bang. This means that Devil Tenchi is powerful enough to create heats and clash forces together with such a high amount of violence that he can give birth to the god particle, something which no other person could do up until that point. When the ball is complete, Devil Tenchi throws it at any point he desires as it begins overcharging its power, creating the paradox, giving birth to the apocalypse itself. A blinding white light ensues overwhelming everyone until the planet itself is consumed. Devil Tenchi did not use the full extent of this attacks power, if he did it would destroy the univese. Instead, he just erased the entire galaxy off the cosmic map.

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