This article, Spirit Harmony, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Spirit Harmony, is a Role-Play article.


This article, Spirit Harmony, is property of The saiyan princess.

Spirit Harmony, her attitude is depressed and cocky but why wouldn't she be, considering her level of power? She is half Saiyan and also a water bender, she is the best water bender alive today. She excels at healing the wounded and many other water bender traits AKA blood bending. And later in life she had her heart stolen by a fire demon. She is also skilled in necromancing.

fighting techniques

(1) martial arts

(2) kung fu

List of attacks:

(1) spirit blade

(2) Kamehameha wave

(3) solar flare

(4) glaick gun

(5) big bang kamehameha

(6) Spirit Bomb

(7) Special beam cannon

(8) kaio-ken

How Harmony came to be

One day there was a little girl found on a doorstep of Sandy's house, the only thing with her was a name that read: Harmony, Sandy tried her best to find the girl's parents but there were no sign of them so, Sandy became the mother of Harmony/ As Harmony grew to age three, she was starting to show signs that she was not the same as other children, but her strength was amazing and her mind matched it, not to mention she had a tail, Sandy knew she was very, very, special. She became an outcast because she was so different. When she was five years old there was a new boy on the street they were playing, all is going well until they start to toss the ball back and forth, Harmony being untrained accidentally threw the ball too hard and the boy started to yell: "Your such a freak!" Harmony's powers started to spike as she started to cry and across the world the Z fighters felt it and feeling that there was no threat they sent a small boy named Trunks. To be continued.


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