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"Everything in this world is not as simple as splitting it in the middle. Evil is a subjective term, and fighting isn't as black and white as you make it out to be. Truly, what is good?, what is evil?, sacrifices and pain are what make this world flourish and evolve. For without sorrow and self loathing, how can anything truly begin to change itself?. We follow that man not because we wish to instill more suffering and pain into the innocent, but rather, it's because we know suffering and pain more than anyone else in this universe. Only a person that knows the complete center of darkness may begin to tap into the true center of light. I don't ask for your sympathy nor your understanding. Only when our leader is permitted to bring his ultimate goal into reality can we really begin to understand one another. And i will see to it at any cost that his plan becomes a reality."
— Southern Supreme Dark Kai

Southern Supreme Dark Kai
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The Southern Supreme Dark Kai (南暗い会, Minami no Makaioshin) is a member of the 4 Wicked Cardinal Kai and is a subordinate of The Grand Supreme Dark Kai. She is addressed by her subordinates and her fellow dark kai under the name Michiko (美智子, Lit. "Royal Empress of All Realms"). Among The 4 Wicked Cardinal Kai, she is the only member shown to be female.

Character Overview


Deceptive, deadly beauty, the most dangerous and alluring of all threats in the universe. As a wolf in sheeps clothing, Michiko is regarded as the absolute pinnacle of the female form, to which no man can resist obeying. Michiko is worshipped as a true goddess by countless members of the legions which follow her without question, all because of her physical appeal. The Southern Supreme Dark Kai has long, dark purple hair which shines with a malevolent, constant glow. Dressing herself in only the finest of purple clothing throughout the realms of the otherworld, Michiko is one of the most deadly beautiful females in the series. Her physical appearance has lead countless legions of men to swear loyalty to her without question, and even today she continues to charm countless people into following her.


Surprsingly, Michiko is a very honest, wise, and extremely intelligent person. She is shown to be a master of strategies and battle plans, having taken over several realms of the underworld with her ability to formulate strategies of warfare alone. He seems to be unshakably dedicated to the ideals and principles set fourth by the Grand Supreme Dark Kai, demonstrating extreme loyalty to the latter, perhaps even eclipsing that of the other members of the 4 wicked cardinal kai. She is easily the most coolheaded and well composed member of the 4 wicked kai, rarely demonstrating any emotion besides slight pleasantness at her own work. She approaches all and every situation from a logical and calm standpoint, and can keep control of her thoughts and plans even in the most extreme and dire of situations, often leading her to find a solution.


Power Level


Michiko's Energy

Deceptively powerful, difficult to gauge among the other 3 Wicked Cardinal Kai. Michiko seems to be a master of concealing her ki, but also at raising it. By merely leaking a small amount of her energy reserves into her surroundings, she instilled fear and terror into the entirety of the 12 Demon God Fists whom serve The Grand Supreme Dark Kai. Not even Blizz was above the effects of her almighty energy. The true extent of her power has yet to be revealed. Michiko's ability and mastery over the Dainichi Nyorai technique makes her ki extremely dense, compressed, and powerful beyond most others. Michiko's ki manifests itself as a dense purple shroud which covers her body from head to toe. Instead of forming one of the more signature, violent aura's around her, Michiko's ki expulsion is extremely concentrated and calm, flowing slowly, but yielding a greater level of power output and capacity.



Hokuto Musou Tensei-Ryu: 



Behind The Scenes

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