This article, Son Tayu Kilo, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Son Tayu Kilo, is a Role-Play article.

Son Tayu Kilo, grandchild of Son Goten , and the inventor of the legendary "Dragon Saiyan", and also the one who, with his friends, defeated the deadly three, who consists of Proton, Jinix, and Hainko.

Son Tayu Kilo
Tayu SSJ
Professional Status
Personal Status
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Discovering Powers

Tayu discovered his powers as He grew, with the help of the guardian of the earth, Dende.

A man named Ratilo also helped him discover he was a super saiyan, by testing his rage. When tested, Tayu became Emotionally unstable...and almost killed Ratilo, after then, Ratilo revealed he was joking.

Ratilo left eventually and a few months after, he came back and told Tayu they were related.


Tayu began making friends for the first time,and he met a person named Michael Iron.

Michael became Tayu's best friend, they trained together, helped people together, etc...

  • Kai(Saiyan)
  • Kai(Namekian)
  • Z-Fighters


  • Shockwave(Beginner)
  • Freezing attack
  • Kamehameha
  • Burning attack
  • You're Too Slow!(Instant Transmission Combat)
    Kid tayu

    Kid tayu

  • Friend Kamehameha
  • Spirit Bomb
  • Instant Transmission
  • After Image
  • Fusion

Defeating Jinix

Jinix, Tayu's worst enemy, Killed Tayu's family, And Tayu for the first time, with Michael Iron fused, And brought him down.
Jinix Perfect

Jinix Perfect form

This is when Tayu discovered Dragon Saiyan, And the first time he fused, Tayu once brought peace and balance to everyone after the battle, But after this, Jinix had contacted Proton and Hainko, And they eventually got him out of Hell.

Transformations/Power Levels

  • Kaio-Ken-Kaio-ken x100(10,000-650,000)
  • Rage(115,000)
  • Dragon Saiyan-Legendary Dragon saiyan(2,000,000-175,000,000)
  • Super Saiyan(1,000,000)
  • Super Saiyan 2(3,000,000)
  • YOU FOOL!!!!(5,000,000)
  • Spirit Saiyan(6,000,000)
  • Friend Kamehameha Transformation(10,000,000)

More to Come.

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