This article, Son Blade, is a Role-Play article.

Future trunks ssj4 v4 lineart by theothersmen-d4ykl7q-1-

ssj4 blade

Future trunks ssj lineart by ezio anime-d4mo8y0-1-

nova ssj blade

Super trunks lineart by zed creations-d3in3kd-1-

ssj2 blade

The son of Death the grim reaper and a female saiyan and has the the powers of hell.
Blade ssj

ssj blade

Trunks super saiyan 3 lineart by sasuderuto-d3eg8gd-1-

ssj3 blade

Trunks line art 2 by sibdiddy-d48pkd0-1-


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