This article, Skulfn Cairn, is a Role-Play article.

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This article, Skulfn Cairn, is a Role-Play article.

The Skulfn Cairn is an infinite training dimension accessed via volcano near East City on Earth.


The volcano used to access it is not a real volcano (actually it is only an image), and has two portals atop it; purple (goes to Skulfn Cairn) and orange (goes to The Great Library). The Cairn is great for training, especially with magic users. The atmosphere provides 'Mystic Radiance', an atmospheric effect giving magic users a lighter feel and gives techniques more flexibility. There are 4 massive towers, vessels, with pink jewels that provide Ki or magic at any time (but your lifeforce gets stripped if you use it for more than 10 seconds).

There is a different gravity in the cairn (100x Earth), so only those fit enough can enter. This also makes flying harder. You can manifest/conjure anything in the cairn simply by thinking of it (but not more power), however you can't take anything out of the cairn. The sky is purple and gloomy, and lightning strikes a lot. This is bioelectric magic lightning, but they can be bent and redirected (good training exercise).

The Cairn was once patrolled and ran by a giant Minotaur lord, named Hepautus. He is said to be very powerful and deadly. He was destroyed . No one had entered his realm in the castle in the Cairn, and lived through his punishment. The Cairn is also said to hold the Dark Lake, where few have been. 

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