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"Those who are about to be destroyed do not need to know my name. To you, I am the Grim Reaper."

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This character, Silver Seikatsu, is a main Lookout RP character!

Silver Seikatsu
The Lookout
Name Silver Seikatsu
Romanji Gin
Aliases SS, The Silver King, The Man Of Many Appearances, The Kamen Rider, Baka (By Ankh), The Conductor
Debut The Lookout Crew's beginnings
User User:Silver Sage
Race Gerudo
Gender Male Male
Date of Birth December 1, 1036
Date of Death June 27, 1080 (Revived Age 1086)
Age Unknown
Height 6'4"
Weight 257 lbs.
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation The Universe
Occupation Martial Artist
Education None
Address Unknown
Partner Memori
Personal Status
Relatives Gold Shenron - Brother

Gamila - Mother

Gin - Father

Suna - Daughter

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"I am the warrior engraved in the stars. I am the essence of the universe. I am the eternal protector of all that is pure and light. I am the hero whose name has been long since forgotten. I am neither light nor darkness. Mortal nor God. I am infinite. I am the servant of this universe and I refuse to surrender my position. My name no longer carries the weight it used to, I understand that. I no longer need a name. I am the universe's Lookout. Funny...It's all come full circle hasn't it?"

"The King lived beyond the realm of man and god alike. He who transcended death and even life. He who forced life to comply to his rules. His power lay in a space incomprehensible to us. He willed all around him to his desire. He who could see what could not be seen and feel what could not be felt. He who was higher than gods. He who transcended omnipotence. The King was felt in every living soul and could feel every living soul. He who was the light and the dark along with everything in between. He was not the messiah but beyond that. He who lived without limits. He who lived beyond what was conceptualized as possible. He who existed fully but could only be seen by us as a mere fraction of his true self. He who was the envoy of both creation and destruction. He was the King of Silver. "
— 1st passage from the "Argentum"

"Let's dance."
— SS' Pre-battle phrase

"It's up to you. We've been waiting for you to show up for a long time. The hopes, the dreams of every being that has ever lived and that will ever live are in your hands, and you have what it takes to protect them. You are our living legacy. We believe in you... "
— Zephyr's dying words to SS

SS (Silver Shenron/Seikatsu) is the original RP (Role-Play) Character of Silver Sage.


SS was born on the distant planet known as Rakuen. Rakuen was beautiful. It was by far the most gorgeous planet in the entire universe. It was home to one of the most powerful races in existance. The Gerudo. A man by the name of Gin Seikatsu married a beautiful woman called Gamila. The woman gave birth to twin sons. One who gave off a silver glow and the other who shined like gold. Gin blessed both of his sons with the mark of his family heritage "The Silver Kings". It was shortly after the birth of the two that the planet was attacked. Two demonic tyrants arrived and destroyed everything in sight. The parents sent their sons away in two space pods set for different worlds. As the parents say their goodbyes and send their children away, one of the tyrants shoots down one of the pods while just missing the other. He shot down SS' brother while SS was able to live. Rakuen was destroyed that day with no survivors from the planet except for one baby that would never know the pain and turmoil his home planet had just felt and the agony his parents had felt while witnessing his twin brother, who he will never know existed, die. SS landed on a small planet in the North Galaxy known as Earth. He lands in a forest and is forced to raise himself. He eventually finds a place called Supreme City, home to the glorious Lookout. SS finds a man that would see the potential within him and begins to train him. SS slowly became more and more powerful. Eventually, the man left SS after his training was completed. He claimed that he could not teach SS any more and that he needed new teachers. SS was told to go to the Lookout, so he did. He found a few other fairly high power levels that had called themselves "The Lookout Crew" and they asked SS to join. SS happily agreed and his new life truly began. Quickly becoming one of the Crew's greatest additions, SS proved himself an incredible fighter in many occasions. His desire and will to protect the universe was incredible. He would often leave Earth for short periods of time but he would always return.


SS is one of the most kind, compassionate, determined beings in the entire Lookout Universe. He is true and pure. He is kind to all beings until he has a reason to be otherwise. He never judges a person until he truly gets to meet them. He gives credit where credit is due and acts as if all others are better than he is just so he doesn't get cocky. He values the safety of every single being in the entire universe over his own life. Whenever a villain emerges to take over the universe, SS is always one of the first responders and will not rest until the universe is safe again. He deeply cares for the universe and that stems from his total emersion into the Lookout Crew style of living. SS is not one to let people know he is feeling sadness or depression. He will often keep most of his feelings bottled up so they do not get in the way of his power. He loves to make jokes and is always trying to lighten the mood in an situation. He admires the other original Crew members as well as the Z Fighters. SS will never give up in any fight. He is also very observant and can tell the outcome of a battle by merely watching his opponent for the first 5 minutes. He is constantly working to become stronger by training night and day. He also works to educate himself by reading books on top of books every single day. He is a very proud man, proud of who he is and what he stands for. He does not trash talk and believes actions are louder than words. He constantly trains to become as strong as his mortal body will allow him. SS has often been offered the rank of a God by many Kai and Kaioshin yet every time he is asked he declines. SS knows that he could very easily become the strongest being in the universe if he became a God, but that's not what he wants. SS strives to become stronger to protect the universe, not just to show off. This is why SS refuses the gift of a God's power from them, he wants to earn it himself. If there is a way for a mortal to become a God, SS will find it himself.


1000 Before Age (Forming the Silver Kings)

The predecessors to the Gerudo, a mysterious tribe called the Enigma, is visited by the eternal dragon, Super Shenron. Super Shenron gives the leader of the Enigma his blood, dyed a deep silver in contrast to the Shenron's body. The Enigma man begins showing the characteristics of a God, far beyond the rest of the Enigma. Super Shenron promises the Enigma that there will be one like the leader born every generation of their people until the end of time that will act as a guardian to the entire multiverse. The legacy of the Silver Kings has begun, with the blood of the dragon god's silver and the eyes of his golden shine.

Age 1036, December 1st

Far away on a distant planet known as Rakuen, two children were born. These children were born to a legendary Gerudo warrior known as Gin, and his wife Gamila. The Gerudo people of Rakuen were very religious to the dragon god, Super Shenron and the Super Dragon Balls. On Rakuen, the ancient Gerudo Sages crafted something known as the Hexforce, in image of the Super Dragon Balls. The Hexforce contained incredible power and would allow the user to grant any wish they desired, as well as giving them powers of a God. Gin's family was in charge of guarding the Hexforce for centuries, until one day. The current king of Rakuen, Zettai, and his bodyguard, Daimonas, stormed Gin's home to take the Hexforce for himself. Gin had to act quickly to protect the Hexforce. He split it into two separate halves, dubbed the Triforce of High and Low. The Hyforce was sealed within one of Gin's newborn sons and the Loforce within the other son. Intending to launch his sons into space to protect them and the Hexforce, Gin prayed to Super Shenron to guide his children throughout their lives and ensure them safety and protection. Gold, the son with the Loforce, was launched first but was shot down by an enraged Zettai. The Loforce suddenly appeared within the other son, Silver, as he was launched into space, somehow evading fire from Zettai. The tyrant took out his rage on Gin and Gamila, who couldn't stand up to the evil duo. Zettai destroyed the entire planet of Rakuen and vowed to hunt down the Hexforce at all costs.

SS as a baby

Age 1037, December 25th

After more than a year of traveling, Silver landed on a small planet known as Earth. The Triforce had somehow provided Silver with everything he needed to survive for such a long time but it wouldn;t work for much longer. On the day that many Humans celebrate giving gifts to one another, Silver gave the gift of his life to Earth. A man approached the crying baby and picked him up. This man had never heard of Rakuen, the Gerudo, or the Triforce and its wish granting powers so he had no idea what the child was. The man said aloud "I wish you could speak English. Then you could tell me your name." and Silver began to glow due to the Triforce glowing within him and the man's wish was granted. Silver softly said his name to the man in English. The man knew very well of Shenrons and their ability to grant wishes so he simply thought that Silver was a Shenron. So, he renamed him Silver Shenron. SS for short. The man took the child back to his home and began to raise him like his son.

Age 1038 - Age 1040

These 2 years were spent by the man training SS how to fight. He taught him how to use Ki, how to fly, and many other useful techniques. SS quickly became a powerful fighter and impressed his "father" quite a lot. Eventually, SS' master realized he could teach his student nothing more. He could improve of course, but he wanted to see SS grow by himself. One morning, the man was gone. He told SS that his life was about the begin and that he had to fend for himself now. So, he did. SS set out into the world to find a new home. His master, in his classic orange gi with the symbol of the turtle on it, watched his student take his steps out into the world then dissappeared.

Kid SS

Age 1040, May 16

After traveling the world for a couple of months, SS found a huge tower. This tower intrigued him for some reason. Like it was his destiny to climb it. SS appraoched the tower and did just that. It took him nearly an entire day but he reached the top. He found that he was not alone. There were 5 other warriors up there. They all noticed the kid when he arrived. SS told them his story and they took him in. He became the last founding member of the Lookout Crew as its youngest member as well. He took on every challenge with his new friends. They had become Earth's new protectors. 

Age 1040, July

It was a normal day when the Crew sensed a power unlike they had ever felt before. And it was coming towards Earth. This being of terrible power, known as The Ancient Evil, had awoken from his slumber and declared himself the universe's new ruler, and had the intention to kill any being that stood in his path, much like the Lookout Crew. Obviously, the Crew stormed into action, everybody trying to take on this new threat. TAE pushed the Crew to their limits and beyond, many members igniting new forms and powers to try and stop this menace, but they were helpless to stop him. TAE took his aim at multiple members and slaughtered them. Even Zion was no match for TAE. After growing bored, TAE announced he was leaving and would return soon enough. The Crew members were discussing strategies to stop TAE, but nobody knew if any would work. SS finally got tired of waiting and stormed off. SS suddenly got a sense of nostalgia to return to where Goku would often take him to train, a place called the "Super Facility", and what SS would find was by pure chance. SS landed and was face to face with TAE, simply observing records previously set by SS on the walls. Marveling at SS' accomplishments, TAE now wanted to test what the kid could do. The rest of the Crew quickly showed up and began arguing over how they would face TAE. SS told the Crew he wanted the chance to face TAE alone. TAE just smirked. The Crew was completely against the idea, thinking SS was still the young, weak kid that would get his ass handed to him. It took some convincing from Mars and Tenchi before Zion finally allowed it. SS and TAE took their fight to space, crashing through multiple moons and planets before finally returning to Earth. SS surprisingly held his own against TAE fairly well, but could not do it forever. TAE finally wished to finish the battle and rushed at SS. It was here that SS' plan could finally come into play. The reason every Crew member was unsuccessful against TAE was because they all had the intention to kill him at an means possible. The Hyforce emerged on SS' hand, filling him with determination. SS managed to get one solid punch on TAE, but instead of following through and taking out his heart, SS used the Hyforce to envelop TAE. TAE began to transform as his body cracked and fell apart in front of everybody, revealing a new body underneath that radiated light. SS stepped back, happy with his work, as the Crew sat there in awe. TAE had been defeated and in his place stood a warrior known as the Ancient Fighter, who would become a valuable Crew member. SS proved that light can always conquer darkness.

Age 1040 - 1069

These years were spent training, facing other villains, and seeing new members be introduced to the Crew. These years did see SS' death at the hands of Ian, who was driven mad by his own darkness, as well as his revival. SS constantly trained in his off time to get stronger and stronger and solidify his place as one of the strongest on the Crew and in the universe as well. SS left from time to time to let another being take his place but he would always come back. Age 1062 saw SS take a visit to the Shenron Hall, where all Shenron are born and all knowledge of such beings are kept, so he could see his birthplace. He was shocked to find out that they had no knowledge of SS at all. This began SS' knowledge that he wasn't a Shenron and the mystery of his birth became very exciting to him yet he could find nobody at all who knew anything. SS also became a professor at a Supreme City college and taught the history of the universe to students. He also formed a martial arts school, which he left in the care of Nasa, and even was an ambassador for the Shenron race at the "United Universal Peace Meeting" despite him not actually being a Shenron. SS also dawned a black cape and mask and called himself the "Batman" and acted as a secret hero as he patrolled multiple cities at night.

SS as the Batman.


Adult SS

Age 1069 - January 1071

SS decides to take a vacation away from the Lookout. He visits Zephyr, the Silver King before SS and asks him if there were any fighters SS could challenge to become stronger. Zephyr revealed the details of SS' birth and instructed him to go see the 6 Gerudo Sages for more information. SS did that and he was given a reversal of his concealing spell so he would appear as a Gerudo again. He was also given the sword his father used. He then was able to see a vision of the day he was born from the Hexforce. Zephyr and the Sages told SS of Zettai, who would surely be coming now that SS' Gerudo form awakened.  

In a twist, Zettai appeared immediately and attacked the temple. Zephyr stormed out to find himself surrounded by thousands of Zettai's acquired/enslaved soldiers. SS was in total shock while Zephyr took on foe after foe, defeating the soldiers and then taking on Daimonas, nearly defeating him before Zettai intervened and swiftly took Zephyr down. SS rushed out to help Zephyr but Zettai kept landing blow after blow, leaving the damaged Zephyr to die on the ground. SS made his way to Zephyr, who used his last breaths to explain just how important the legacy of the Silver Kings was, and what SS represented. He was the Silver King of prophecy, the one that would change all of existence for the better. Zephyr proclaimed that SS was holder of the hopes and dreams of all beings to exist, and he had the power to protect them. Zephyr passed away after marking SS' forehead with a commonly used symbol of the Silver Kings. SS cursed Zettai, promising he would defeat him, but some mysterious figure above in a red robe stopped Zettai from fighting and they left.  

SS, his true Gerudo form finally revealed.


SS vs. Ruin

Age 1071, June 19

SS received a dark dream one night that told him to go to the place where Rakuen used to be. SS had never heard it before but he knew that this voice was Zettai's. SS met his challenged on the unused moon of Rakuen which was perfect for a battle.

Zettai was there along with Daimonas when SS arrived. SS' stone cold face gave the impression to the two evil tyrants that he was here for vengeance. Zettai mocked SS and tried to get under his skin. He taunted him. Made fun of his parents and the entirety of his race. Then promised that before the battle was over, SS would be dead and the Triforce would be his. And then, the battle was underway. SS took on Daimonas first. The brute was exactly what a big muscular servant should be, slow, strong, and stupid. SS used this to his advantage. He used the aerial tactics he learned from his fight against Ruin. He would swiftly rush in and slash the brute then take to the skies before he could react. SS also stayed far away from him and shot many Ki blasts at him. Daimonas just got angry and revealed what the dark secret of the Gerudo was. The Gerudo all have access to a form that gives them the shape of a boar/pig sort of creature. Daimonas became a gigantic, blue pig and rushed at SS recklessly. He grabbed SS and threw him to the ground. But before he could crush him with his foot, GS arrived and stopped him. SS took this time to strike the confused Daimonas. SS slashed his head clean off, ending the brute's life.

Zettai and Daimonas

GS started to introduce himself but Zettai interrupted with a maniacal laugh. He didn't even seem angered that his partner was dead. Zettai rushed at GS and began firing multiple blasts at him. GS barely dodged all of them. SS blindsided the demon and knocked him to the ground. SS followed up with a Zen Star which sent him further into the earth. GS also fired a large energy beam to try and knock the enemy even farther in. Zettai rushed out quickly and blasted GS point blank. GS lay on the ground with a hole in his chest, motionless. Zettai laughed. SS had never really felt these emotions before. An overwhelming burst of anger came over him. He was reminded of all the people Zettai had hurt. His family, the entire Gerudo race. The Triforce glowed on SS' left hand. SS entered his own Gerudo Demon form as a giant boar. He rushed at Zettai and impaled him with one of his horns. He thrashed about and launched Zettai across the small moon. SS finally regained control and went back to his regular form. He walked over to Zettai, who was bleeding from the impaling right through his heart. Zettai pleaded for mercy but SS would have none of it. SS kneeled down and placed his left hand over the bleeding heart of his nemesis. The two began to glow blindingly. SS stood up when it was over, all of the light in Zettai had been absorbed into SS which made him even stronger. SS grabbed GS, flew off the moon, and blew it up. He then flew back to Earth on Ruin and treated his brother back to perfect health.

His ultimate challenge was finally over. Age 1071, June 21 After SS' victory over Zettai and Daimonas, he took his near-dead brother and his only son back to Earth. They traveled to the Great Sea and saw an enormous tower. The tower was the resting place of two sacred objects crafted by the Gerudo and given to Earth as gifts. The Ocarine of Time, an instrument used to control time itself when played a special melody and The Wind Waker which is able to control the weather as well as nature itself. SS added these two weapons to his arsenal and made the "Tower of Rakuen" his new home for his family. SS tried to revive Memori but King Yemma would not allow it on the grounds that she was pregnant again and if she journeyed through dimensions it might harm the unborn child. SS promised that he would be there for his new child's birth and then Memori would be wished back.

Age 1071 - 1086

15 years passed since SS' battle against Zettai. These years were not kind to him. SS visited Other World to see the birth of his son, Jake and wish him and Memori to Earth. The family lived together in SS' home for 5 happy years. Then, in 1076, there was a massive uprising against SS by the people of Earth. SS had accidently destroyed an entire office building and killed everyone inside. The people of Earth grew scared of SS and they labeled him as a monster. They chased him all over the planet and even went to his home. Earth's leaders made a deal with SS. If he turned himself in, his family would be spared. Memori, GS, and Jake were all held hostage. The message was left in SS' home, a place he would not return to for another year. By then it was too late. His only family members were dead. SS became an a blank, hollow shell of the man he used to be. SS went insane shortly after that. He started traveling from planet to planet and destroying innocents there. The Galactic and Universal police were now all after him. SS tried to run from the police. And he did very well for 3 years. But in 1080, SS was cornered on a small, unpopulated planet. He had nowhere to run now. SS refused to be captured. He took his spear that he had used as a weapon in his run and stabbed it right through his own heart. He had died before the police finally found him. His body was taken back to Earth for a funeral. The Lookout Crew attended and not many other people. SS left the universe as a villain to those that never really knew him. He was corrupted because he made one simple mistake. After his death, his heart was released into the Sun. It would rest there until it began to manifest into a being known as Fuyode. Fuyode became the next Silver King and eventualy made his way to the Lookout as SS' successor. 

Age 1086, August: Return and Battle with Nikad

After Fuyode's mysterious disappearance the Crew realized it was the one brief time where they didn't have SS with them. So, they set out to correct that. They found a scientist known as The Data Collector. The Data Collector made digital files and replicas of every super powerful being in existance for anybody to access. The Crew asked him to recreate SS as an Artificial Intelligiance. The Data Collector accessed all the files on SS and began to compile them into a new A.I. The Data Collector began adding even more features to SS as well. Making him stronger than before. He gave him complete knowledge on nearly everything that has ever existed. Faster reflexes, increased stamina, self healing and much much more. SS was finally completed and depearted to the Lookout, making his triumphant return and pledging that he would not be leaving for a long time. 

After SS returned, he felt a strong urge to fight Nikad, one of the Lookout Crew members. SS mocked him and called him a rookie because compared to him he was. Their battle consisted of pretty incredible blows dealt by both sides. Even though SS was not at his 100% due to him not fighting anybody in 15 years. The battle began to escalate so the 2 headed for an unpopulated planet. Nikad and SS both assumed new forms and kept the battle alive. SS realized that he would not win unless he accessed his Full Power like Nikad. The thing is, SS' full power would destroy galaxies in an instant with how massive his power really is. SS knew this so he simply called off the match, lecturing Nikad that the Lookout Crew never puts innocents in the way of danger for something as little as a sparring match. SS once again proved his place amongst the Lookout Crew founding members and his compassion for every being in the universe.

Evolving into the Meta State

When SS was turned into an A.I. by the Data Collector he became capable of activating 4 stages of mortal loss but would result in SS maxing out his power. Always looking to gain strength, SS began trying to reach these different stages. The first stage is known as Melancholia which results in the being dealing with depression and provides a very slight boost in power. The next stage is Anger which brings out the strong feelings of hate from the AI towards pretty much everything around him. This results in a fairly large boost in power. The third stage is Knowledge which causes the AI to seek out more and more information about everthing imaginable. This stage provides another very small power gain but gives the AI more information and problem solving techniques. The final stage is the Metastability stage, resulting in the AI to become God-like and omnipotent. This stage gives the AI a massive boost in overall power and abilities. SS made it his mission in life to reach the Meta Stage and become nearly a God himself.

Rematch against Zettai and the mythical sorcerer, Teki

One day during SS' training session, he was greeted by a mysterious man who made a deal with him. If SS could defeat him and another being of his choosing then he would give SS the power to rebuild Rakuen. SS of course took the deal, but the being he would have to face was Zettai. Teki used his magic to bring back the evil tyrant from Hell and immediately began the battle. The two evil beings quickly tried to deal heavy blows to SS, who narrowly dodged each attack. He drew his two swords and began trying to deal with both of his foes. He was able to knock Teki down which left Zettai to deal with. SS and Zettai proved evenly matched for a long time during the fight. SS was eventually able to get him in a position where he could be defeated but Teki stepped in and blasted SS, giving Zettai time to strike him himself. SS got up and his power began to rise. He summoned the Triforce's full power and was able to completely dominate his two enemies, stabbing Zettai through the heart and pinned Teki with his other sword. Teki fulfilled the agreement and gave SS even more power. SS let Teki live then rushed off to Rakuen's original place. He created a planet in the same place and was even able to create multiple Gerudo to start the life on the planet once again. SS took his place as the king of New Rakuen. And SS would eventually wish on the Triforce for him to be returned to the prime of his youth.

The Conscience, Hajimaru

SS was the first being to discover a multi-millenia year old God by the name of Hajimaru. Hajimaru was born at the beginning of time but not by The Creator of Existance/Existential Seed and simply created himself. He was known as the Conscience of the Omniverse, a living manifestation of the Creator's thoughts and emotions. SS found Hajimaru in a distant corner of the Omniverse, sealed within an orb of cosmic energy. SS managed to enter the prison and discover Hajimaru asleep within some sort of machine. Hajimaru began speaking telepathically to SS about pain, war, suffering, death and everything bad in the universe. SS was then visited by a few small, ghostly figures that called themselves Fragments. The Fragments began to explain what all of this was. Hajimaru was cursed with having to deal with all emotions every single being in the entire Omniverse ever felt. Loss, greed, happiness, anger, jealousy, etc. It didn't take long before Hajimaru went insane and sealed himself away so he wouldn't have to deal with any of it. This slowed the process of Hajimaru's insanity and did not stop it completely. As a result of trying to fight back the emotions, Hajimaru would release a small piece of his spirit as another being, the Fragments, which could carry one singular emotion and lift the weight off of Hajimaru's shoulders. SS felt sorry for Hajimaru and tried to speak with him. Through the maze of emotions and vortex of insane statements, SS found Hajimaru. The two began to talk. SS' warm and kind demeanor let Hajimaru feel like, for once, he wasn't in any danger. The Fragments all began to gather around this scene, thousands of the small spirits amazed at this miracle. Nobody had ever been able to speak with Hajimaru, not even the Creator himself. The conversation continued on and on with SS learning more and more about the enigma that was Hajimaru. Finally Hajimaru awakened from his slumber and emerged from his sealing machine. He smiled, something SS could tell had never been done before, and began flying around the vast laboratory-like palace, playing with the Fragments. SS couldn't help but smile as well. Then suddenly, Hajimaru's darker emotions came back and he immediately broke down and started shrieking and crying. SS quickly teleported Asami to the place and told her to sing her softest song that she had. She began to beautifully sing a sort of lullaby which caused Hajimaru to cease his panic and he began to smile again. After Asami finished Hajimaru thanked the two of them for their help. SS looked around and saw the Fragments all singing the lullaby together. Now they could aid Hajimaru when something like that occured again. SS and Asami said goodbye and departed back to Earth, hoping that someday Hajimaru could finally be at peace.

Becoming The Speaker

Sometime after Hajimaru's revival, he was able to function as a living being once again but dare not leave his home. He still wished to take part in the universe's,nd even the omniverse's, politics and other significant meetings and events. Around this time SS was forced to suffer the loss of his 2nd wife, Asami. She had passed away after becoming very ill. SS became incredibly depressed after this. He passed on his throne on New Rakuen to somebody else. He even stopped visiting the Lookout every day. He just wandered throughout the universe as a hollow shell of a man with no emotions whatsoever. Hajimaru realized this and knew he owed SS a favor. Haji took SS in and gave hime a purpose in life once again. SS became known as "The Speaker of the Omniverse" and was the voice for all of Haji's thoughts. Most people never even knew The Speaker was SS. 

Fading into obscurity

After becoming The Speaker for Hajimaru, SS journeyed everywhere with the God. The two attended inter-dimensional meetings and went on peace trips to other universes. SS had accepted the fact that he really had no reason to live anymore. He slowly started to lose his emotions and individuality. The last free willed thought that he had was when he asked the Gods to allow Fuyode his return to the realm of the living to take SS' place. SS did make a trip with Hajimaru to the Lookout but none of the Crew members had any idea that SS was the speaker. The Crew and the rest of the universe just accepted the fact that SS had journeyed amongst the stars to become stronger and continue fighting for peace. The name Silver Seikatsu slowly was mentioned less and less. SS had told Hajimaru that Silver Seikatsu was no longer bound in a mortal body. The spirit of Silver Seikatsu, one of the greatest heroes the universe would ever know, was now lost amongst the stars. SS only answered to the name of The Speaker. He would sometimes turn as if he heard his name being called by his old friends of the Lookout, but it was only an echo...

Hajimaru's Death

During the Herulean War, Hajimaru became deathly ill and passed away, lending the last of his power to The Speaker. SS' lost soul returned to him as well as the Triforce. SS made a quick stop in Rakuen to let his people know he had returned, and then rushed to Earth to join the Crew once again.


SS' motorcycle, The Cyclone

Return To Rakuen


Eden Apple Form

After SS' return to society, he made a trip back to his home planet. Rakuen was universally famous for its large forests filled with incredible fruit, in both taste and power. The fruit Rakuen grew was able to be harnessed into items called "Eden Seeds". The Eden Seeds could be used to give the user new powers based on that fruit. The 6 Gerudo Sages gave SS the sacred Eden Apple, the most powerful fruit, and SS departed with some of the other fruit. SS combined the Eden Seeds with his Henshin Belt to create even more armored forms. Being SS, he had to try them out. One by one he used the new forms and tested their abilities, each with their own advantages depending on the fight. SS finally used the Eden Apple form which sent his power to incredible heights. SS, armed with his new powers, was finally back.

Silver Taisen

Main Article: Silver Taisen

After the appearance of the mysterious Hokori, every incarnation of SS return to Earth to take part in a huge do or die war. SS was able to defeat his past versions of himself but then was faced with Hokori, who was revealed to be SS' ancestor and the original Silver King. After a heated battle, SS was able to defeat Hokori by using all of his Eden Forms and his new Eden Cho Apple Form. SS then took Hokori's soul and fused it with his own, making him the one true Silver King. This gave SS even more new powers and forms to be accessed by his Henshin Belt. Each of his new forms represented a form utilized by a former Silver King. SS even had the power to create his own new forms for his Henshin Belt as he chooses.

Spar with Nikad

After SS returned from being Hajimaru's assistant, he realized it had been nearly 5 years since his last fight. SS, itching to show off his new abilities, appeared before Nikad on planet Nikdia. The two agreed to fight, teleporting to a barren planet to do battle. The battle attracted the attention of SS' former teacher, Mars and another warrior, Ryuge. SS kept things interesting by using some of his extensive Henshin Forms and pushing Nikad to near full power. SS went into both of his Eden Apple forms and found himself having more fun than he had in a long time. SS was awesome and he reminded everybody of that in this fight. Mars even stated that SS never ceases to amaze him. After SS wanted to try out his Yami Hopper form, the battle reached its end. SS only allowing himself a brief period with the Yami form, so he doesn't lose control. Nikad, pleased with his ability to hang with SS, could then sense SS was holding back more than 60% of his power. SS described it as still being rusty from his abscence from the fighting world. SS then departed, hoping to get stronger as he always does.

Training with Whis

SS, learning of the potential of his Heiko Hopper form, wanted a way to be able to control it and not have his mortal form be obliterated by its power. So, SS searched for the most powerful mortal in the universe. His search led him to God of Destruction Beerus' world and Whis. SS arrived there during Beerus' slumber. He asked Whis if it was possible that he could train him. Whis happily agreed, knowing about SS very well. The two began their training together, each surprising the other. The training awoke Beerus, who saw the two fighting at near full power. Beerus had never even seen Whis raise his power this high. SS used his collection of forms like they were extensions of his body, so perfectly. Whis then made SS go into his Hopper forms. SS trained the rest of the day in his Yami Hopper form, learning to control its wicked power. Whis made SS remain in that form for a whole week, then moved on to the Hikari Hopper. The two sparred from sun up until sun down, never stopping to rest. SS even learned to control his Hikari Hopper form relatively well. Whis was very impressed. SS then was asked to do the same with his Heiko Hopper form. SS explained to Whis the cost of that form, so the two sparred inside of SS' mind. Every time they tried it ended the same way, with SS losing control and being destroyed. Whis put SS through the toughest training he has ever been through in his life. The subconscious SS finally mastered the Heiko Hopper form after weeks of training. For a brief moment, the real SS went into his full power. Nothing held back, nothing stopping him, just SS at his climax. Whis was completely shocked by SS' power and just sat in awe as the matter around SS began to crack under the pressure of his power. SS returned to normal, satisfied by his training session and left. Whis later told Beerus that SS had reached a level unmatched by any other being in the universe. While the truth of this statement may be up for discussion, SS surely was a being of power higher than Gods. The two train regularly, sometimes with Beerus.

The Henshin Hero

After SS recieved the Henshin Belt, he became obsessed with using all of its forms. He would train for hours with each form to figure out the capabilites of each. He was able to access the coding within the belt and fine-tune each form to perfection, even creating boosted versions of each form. SS also created his own additions to the Belt's lineup, Mashin Chaser and Chaser. Twin forms that tap into SS' true power and can devastate his opponents with brutal attacks. SS, a universaly known "celebrity", soon became known as the Kamen Rider, a warrior that fights for justice and peace. The Lookout Crew still calls SS a Power Ranger, which upsets him every time. SS finally had something that set him apart from all other warriors, and kept his opponents guessing.

First conflict with Shocker and meeting Joji

SS visited Neo-Kyoto, a rebuilt version of Japan's capital in Japan, in order to investigate a mysterious organization known as "Shocker". SS found Shocker doing research on four stone altars in the north, south, east, and western points of Neo-Kyoto. They extracted a sacred energy from within the altars which contained the spirit of one of Japan's four divine protectors, the Shijin. Shocker then implanted the energy into a young man they held captive. SS finally caught Shocker at the fourth altar and freed the man just after the fourth energy, the dragon, was implanted into him. The man was very angry after being released and teamed up with SS to stop the Shocker operatives there. After the fight, the man revealed himself to be Joji Yuki. Joji asked SS if he would train him and make him stronger. SS agreed and the two quickly began training. Joji was a very angry young man, driven by the death of his parents, also caused by Shocker. After SS noticed Joji only wanted strength so he could get his revenge on Shocker, he constantly tried to convince him that revenge is never the answer. By this time, Joji had already begun to master his abilities given to him by the Shijin. SS made Joji the protector of Neo-Kyoto in order to teach him about protecting people, something Joji needed to understand. The two continued to train and do battle against Shocker.


SS' original form, Proto-Zero

Learning of the past

SS was finally allowed to meet his parents in Heaven, after King Yemma agreed due to SS' many occasions of saving the universe. He met with his family, who told him everything about his past. They finally revealed to him of his birth as Proto-Zero, the memories flooding back in. SS, armed with this new knowledge, began training to tap into his Roidmude powers. Roidmudes were designed to constantly evolve, which SS was finally able to do. Synchronizing with his emotion of justice, he evolved into the Heart Roidmude, opening doors for further evolution into new forms. SS had a new power at his disposal.

Meeting Ankh and Memori

One night, while SS was testing out some of his new Kamen Rider forms, a man was watching him. A man with a red hand approached SS and offered to help him create even stronger forms, and help him during battles as another pair of eyes. SS agreed, and the strange friendship was born.


Memori's Roidmude Form



Another friend SS gained was a girl named Memori. Her name was ironic, as she was in a state of amnesia. All she knew was that name and her one goal, find Silver Seikatsu, or more specifically, Proto-Zero. SS had just learned his origin, and the only others who knew were his family and Zettai, how did this random girl know? She eventually came to the Lookout and found SS. Almost immediately, her memories flooded back. She assumed her own Roidmude form, known as the Medic. It was then revealed that Memori was another prototype Roidmude that didn't get as far as Proto-Zero. When SS recreated Rakuen, the energy supercharged Memori and brought her into existance. When the two met, SS was strucken by her beauty. He had never really felt this way before. The two quickly became friends, having so much in common. Everybody on the Lookout could see what was going on between the two. They were married a year after they met, in Age 1101.

Memori would sometimes join SS on the battlefield, not to fight but to heal SS after the battle was over with her Roidmude powers.

Shocker's True Intentions

SS, along with Joji and Ankh, looked into Shocker, trying to figure out what that mysterious organization is truly up to. The trio found records of Shocker doing experiments on human beings such as transforming them into monsters. They were also lucky to find an "abandoned" Shocker lab, which they visited. Upon arriving, they realized that this lab was not abandoned at all. One of Shocker's generals, Dr. Shinigami, was leading the human altering experiments done there. Joji, who's parents were murdered by Shocker and was altered himself by them, transformed and immediately stormed the lab. Ankh and SS had no choice but to follow him. SS assumed his Kamen Rider Zeronos form and aided Joji take on Dr. Shinigami, who had transformed into a squid monster, earning him the nickname by Joji of "Ikadevil". Ikadevil was strong, easily handling the three. SS then used his new Rider form, Ghost. He was able to fend off Ikadevil while Joji and Ankh freed the humans captured by Shocker. SS' Ghost form encountered a glitch and shut down, leaving SS to fight by himself without his Henshin Belt. The two both fought hard, Ikadevil lightly with the edge. SS finally got to show off his Heart form in action, easily taking down Ikadevil, who seemed to surprised to even fight. The trio quickly got out of there and dropped off the humans they freed at a hospital. Shocker was now a bigger threat, and even more mysterious.

Train of time, DenLiner


While exploring the universe, SS stumbled upon a small crack in reality, leading him to the very flow of time itself. Time appears in a physical form as an endless desert with no way out. SS wanders around for awhile until he hears the sound of a train. SS peers behind him and sees the train coming towards him, tracks appearing in front of it as it plows onward. It stops once it reaches SS, a door opening. SS walks on board the mysterious train but finds nobody. Nothing but a small ticket in the conductor's room. SS picks up the ticket and a date appears on it, suddenly the train takes off through multiple other gaps in reality until it finally stops on Earth, Age 785. SS was lucky enough to observe Gohan and Videl walking down the street. SS finally realizes the potential this train has and returns to his time, picks up Ankh, Memori, and Joji and starts touring around the timeline, protecting it to the best of their ability.

The Awakening

During a training session using some of his new Kamen Rider forms, SS began to have a tight pain in his chest. The DenLiner crew took him back into the train so he could rest, but his condition only got worse. The DenLiner crew took off to the future to find a medicine that could help SS out, as things were not looking good. To make matters worse, the DenLiner started to malfunction halfway through the journey, causing it to be stuck in the flow of time. As if waiting for this moment, a familiar evil made his presence known. Zettai had returned. He demanded SS come out and fight him one last time, but SS was in now condition to fight. SS struggled to even walk, got out of the train and faced Zettai, who made quick work of him. SS lie near death, waiting for Zettai to finish him off, which never came. Zettai only began to laugh, before turning into a small, black sphere and flying right into SS' body. The cause for SS' pain was now certain, there was something inside of him trying to get out. The very darkness within SS was trying to destroy him from within, angered by the appearance of The Spectrum. SS had no choice but to banish his darkness from his being entirely, fracturing his Roidmude core. The darkness took shape as a new being, a mass of shadow energy, known as Shadow Moss.


Shadow Moss


SS awakening as the Prism

SS' core had been destroyed in the process of vanquishing his darkness, killing him. Memori tried to repair the core but it was far too late. Ankh and Joji quickly transformed into their own armored forms and took on Shadow Moss, but were not even close to matching his unbelievable power. The door to DenLiner opened up, and out stepped an older man with a cane and wearing a suit. There was one door on DenLiner that had been locked, the room of the Owner. Owner took one look at the situation and told Memori, Joji, and Ankh to get back on the train. Shadow Moss was enraged at him being mocked by Owner, and attacked the old man. Owner stopped the attack with his cane, seemingly unfazed. The crew got aboard and took off, the train now fixed. Shadow Moss simply went to the present time and started wreaking havoc there, nobody able to stop him. Owner was not worried about this, remained calm as he explained his plan. They were taking SS to a place known as the Seed of Shine, something that existed many millenia ago. Owner knew more about The Spectrum than SS did, telling the others that darkness cannot exist within the same body as The Spectrum, which resulted in Shadow Moss. Also, The Spectrum originated from the Seed of Shine, both created by an unknown being. Finally, they reached their destination. The crew carried SS out into a gigantic flower, floating in space. In the center was a round pond filled with a mysterious liquid that shined like the stars. They let SS soak in it and the entire flower began to glow vibrant colors. It was the most beautiful sight any of them had ever seen. A figure finally arose from the flower, a mass of white energy with wings in all different colors. Owner proclaimed that was SS, taking the true form of The Spectrum, revived by the Seed of Shine. SS then took off through time, DenLiner following him. They arrived just after they originally left Shadow Moss, and the true battle could finally begin. They were evenly matched, until SS brought out his Henshin Belt. Initiating a new type of transformation known as "Prism Henshin", fusing a Rider form with The Spectrum. This form was known as the Shining Rider, the most powerful form SS had used. He quickly obliterated Shadow Moss for good, reversing the damage he had caused. Owner went back into his room and DenLiner took off once again, SS back to the way he should be.

The New Kamen Rider

After dueling with Shadow Moss, a mysterious man appeared on DenLiner, claiming himself to be a Kamen Rider as well. Tsukasa Tsubasa, the mysterious man himself, revealed he had a Kamen Rider belt and even transformed into a form SS had, Kamen Rider Nigo. Owner appeared and proclaimed Tsukasa, who also preferred to be called "SS", was a being from an alternate timeline. He was that time's version of SS, and had somehow got on DenLiner, where he wished to stay. He quickly became SS' rival but also one of his greatest allies.

Great Leader of Shocker, Daishuryo

Shocker, the secret terrorist organization with the intentions to take over the entire universe by men into cyborgs to fight in their army. The Great Leader of Shocker had stayed out of the light, only using his voice to give orders to his generals. With his constant struggle with SS and the rest of the DenLiner Crew, Daishuryo had no other choice but to reveal himself. He appeared so sudden, while SS and Tsukasa were training, Joji, Ankh, and Memori watching close by. Immediately, SS sensed his immense power, somewhat similar to his own. As if Dishuryo had an anti-Spectrum controlling him, similar to Shadow Moss. Tsukasa recognized the demon from his own universe, the man who ruined his life. SS and Tsukasa quickly took action against Daishuryo, who was wearing a red robe that covered his entire body in shadow and fought as if he was floating on air, dodging every attack with ease. The Double Riders began using every form in the book, trying to get an edge on their attacker. Finally, SS took the Prisma form, but even this was not enough to stop him. Daishuryo had now began to strike back, and made quick work of Tsukasa and SS. Daishuryo then directed his attention to Joji and Ankh, who were now on the attack but were defeated. Memori was the only one left standing. Daishuryo began laughing madly. He lunged out at Memori, grabbing her. SS struggled to get up and fell back down, unable to help. Daishuryo gave his promise that more would come if the DenLiner crew continued to interfere with Shocker's plans, disappearing as soon as he came, Memori as his hostage.

After searching for months, SS couldn't find where they were holding Memori. Daishuryo finally revealed himself again, challenging SS. SS, of course, arrived blinded by his love for Memori and fell into a trap. In a joking manner, Daishuryo had erased Memori's memory of SS and the Lookout Crew adventures. She didn't recognize SS or the other DenLiner crew members. Heartbroken, SS lashed out at Daishuryo. The tears SS shed rusted the armor of his Chozetsu form, revealing Omoide Chozetsu, finally matching Daishuryo's strength. Knowing he may lose, Daishuryo disappeared and Memori wandered back to civilization, living her life separate from what it used to be. SS was completely torn by this, vowing to someday find a way to bring her back.

Surely, someday.

The Door to Light


Giants of Light

The multiverse. All of existence was thought to be within 12 Universes, each being nearly parallel to the other. Secretly, hidden from knowledge and discovery, there was another universe. One that acted on its own, not being parallel to the others. It was crafted by beings known as Giants of Light. This "Universe of Light" was only inhabited by these omnipotent beings. They lived in peace, each creating multiple galaxies for them to live in. One Giant, known as Sin, wanted more. He wanted to create a living species that he could observe and manipulate for his amusement. He created something similar in appearance to humans, calling them "Sinners". The civilization of Sinners grew and remained too "boring" for Sin himself. So, he gave them power. He gave them knowledge of their creator and his species. He gave them the ability to stand up to the power of the Giants of Light, something Sin himself always dreamed of. The king of the Giants of Light was known as Silver, and was hated by Sin because he never let him "have any fun". Even the creation of the Sinners was against the rules but Silver was unaware. Soon, a king of the Sinners was crowned, Bemular. Sin and Bemular fused themselves together, creating an unstoppable being. Together, with the army of Sinners, they defeated the Giants, only Silver surviving. They banished Silver to a far off universe and shut the Door to Light. Bemular slowly grew his army over billions of years, waiting for the perfect time to strike the other universes, taking them for himself. Silver, the Giant king, ended up in Universe 7 and slept there for billions of years. Many tribes that discovered his resting place drew up a prophecy around him. The prophecy states that when the being with the mark of the king appears, the king will awaken once again to defeat the Giant of Darkness.


Bemular, newly fused with Sin.

Come to present day, and SS along with the DenLiner crew were exploring some ancient ruins, hoping to see how they can repair them with DenLiner. Something was calling SS, almost willing him to come. SS entered a temple and the ground began to shake. The one with the mark of the king, the name of the Giant, had come. Silver awoke and explained his situation to SS. Bemular noticed this event and took action, preparing his army for the battle to come. SS fused with Silver, just as Bemular did with Sin, creating a being of power beyond imagination. The newly formed Silver Giant was able to unlock the Door to Light and surpass it into the Universe of Light. One man against


The Silver Giant


The Door To Light, appearing over Earth.

trillions, the Silver Giant rushed into the battle at full force. He wiped out massive amounts of foes before they just became too much for him. Then, the rest of the DenLiner crew emerged behind him, all fused with the spirits of Giants as well. The 4 of them were able to defeat the army, leaving Bemular to fight. The Silver Giant took him on alone, a clash that was evenly matched. The Silver Giant ordered the DenLiner crew to leave at once and closed the door as well. The battle that ensued was said to last for another set of billions of years, neither side giving up. The universe they fought it was barely able to withstand the pressure. Finally, the Silver Giant was able to defeat Bemular, shattering the Universe of Light and the spirits of the Giants of Light. SS reemerged in his universe, only seconds had past. It was revealed that Silver had remained within SS as a mass of energy, increasing SS' power by 10x. SS had become the last Giant of Light.

Becoming the Conductor

Somewhere in the endless labyrinth of time, there is a point where all of time connects. This constantly changing station is known as the Junction Point. The overseer of the Junction Point, and all of time, is known as the Conductor. The Conductor at the time DenLiner pulled into the Junction Point was old and frail, probably not making it much longer. SS met him and the Conductor was impressed with SS in every way. It was then revealed that SS is something called a "Singularity Point", a being that does not suffer from the aftermath of destroyed or damaged time. This makes SS perfect for a Conductor role.

In a destroyed timeline, only viewable from the Junction Point, SS and Memori were still together, with a child. This child was also a Singularity Point, like SS, so she still was able to exist even though her time was erased. The Conductor had never seen anything like it, stating it must be fate. The child was now wandering through time, unable to find a home of her own. SS pleaded with the Conductor to place her in SS' own timeline, but the Conductor was now far too weak to accomplish even that. The only way for the child to be saved was if somebody else took the role of Conductor. SS volunteered his life to being the Conductor. He was now tied to the ever changing Junction Point, forced to watch over time for all of eternity. He quickly saved his daughter from the void of destroyed time and placed her on DenLiner. In his act of goodbye, he gave his Henshin Belt to his daughter, Suna. He bid the rest of the crew farewell, promising to return one day.

The Return, The Warrior That Transcends Time


After becoming the Conductor, SS noticed something wrong with the flow of time. It was decaying, soon to be rotten completely. SS sacrificed his life to fill the holes left in the timeline. His soul was sprinkled throughout the entirety of time and space, refracting his power like a prism. This, in a sense, ended SS' "life". Now being able to exist in any time and any place, SS became something of an omnipotent being. He could appear anywhere and everywhere at once. SS finally emerged from his sacrificial ritual as a being known as a Prism, a being that becomes one with time itself. SS became unbelievable powerful, his soul now infused with the entirety of existence.

The Hero From Another Side (Age 1125 - 1500)

During this time, SS saw many of his Lookout Crew brethren die. He began to realize the beauty the universe had now become. His children, Suna and Platinum eventually put aside their differences and they had a long time of being a real family. Thanks to the Lookout Crew, the universe was finally at peace. This being SS, he anticipated the day where it wouldn't be so nice anymore. He guided Silver Bodhi to go to Aeris and gather the Gaia Memories. He met with Whis many times, planning their attack on Beerus. The Grand Eye agreed, the universe would one day need protection again. The council of Silver Kings trusted SS to provide the next Silver King with all the equipment he needed, which meant a new Henshin Belt. SS slaved away for nearly one hundred years to perfect the newest belt. The next Silver King was already known, so SS made a belt to match this new user's motif. SS then settled down in the place that made him, Supreme City, as a detective.

The Last


The Hardboiled Detective, Narumi


The Silver King and Queen, Narumi and Shroud.

Working as the detective that knew Supreme City as his garden, Narumi, SS helped as many people as he could. He had created the Double Driver already, just waiting to hand it over. He also created a personal Gaia Memory for himself as well as a belt that could use only one Memory, the Lost Driver. SS worked alongside Memori, who changed her name and appearance as well. Memori, or Shroud as the world now called her, worked with SS to solve crimes and whatnot. SS discovered the survival of Shocker after all these years. Shocker was using false Gaia Memories to transform humans into monsters, controlled by the Memories themselves. SS' detective-in-training, Noctis, was with SS when Shroud was forcefully turned into a Memory monster by Shocker's leader. SS faked his death in front of Noctis and then pursued Memori and Shocker's leader. SS finally transformed into Kamen Rider Skull, using the Skull Gaia Memory and fought against the Shroud Memory. Just when SS nearly got his wife back to normal, Shocker's leader emerged and killed her. SS dropped the belt and Memory, knowing he could not chase after him successfully. SS locked his belt away and was forced back into hiding, promising Shocker would get their dose of justice one day.

Trials of Infinity (Between "The Last" and Lookout II)

During the near 400 years after the Lookout Crew disbanded, SS was lost. He had long given up on being a detective or a Kamen Rider. He finally decided that he couldn't sit and wait until something exciting happened. SS began traveling around each universe, entering himself in multiple tournaments and fighting against the strongest warriors from each universe. Then setting out to the far reaches of Heaven and Hell, traveling through time as well. 300 years had past and SS had fought everybody he wished to fight and seen everything he wished to see. He returned to Universe 7, hoping that the Crew would be reformed and more excitement could happen, but to no avail. While SS had returned to visit each of his friends' funerals through the years, he always hoped to see them on the Lookout when he came back. He returned to the Lookout and was able to enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, where he spent the last 100 years of his training. SS emerged in the best physical condition he had ever been in. He set off to visit his former Crew members in Heaven, to check on them.

Return of the King

After nearly 400 years, SS was forced to return to the stage that made him. Nightingale was killed by the leader of Shocker, making another Silver King that failed. SS struggled for weeks with this reality that the universe was without a Silver King, again. SS plunged himself into the Realm of Darkness (A circle of Hell) for an entire week before emerging once again as a young man, fit to taking on anything. He dawned a lost forgotten Keyblade and black coat, with matching blindfold as he actually became blind. SS thought about taking his Henshin Belt with him, but kept it hidden away instead. During his week long darkness binge, he came to terms with the Loforce being inside of him and began to find how he could control it. Only when the Hyforce and Loforce are in balance will SS' true power be revealed, and he finally was taking the steps to unlock it. SS returned to the universe as an outside member of the new Lookout Crew, vowing to stay as long as anybody needed him, even taking residence up back at the old Lookout.


The Realm of Darkness

The Realm of Darkness

In order to come to terms with his dark side, SS visited a long forgotten circle of Hell known only as the Realm of Darkness. Home to only the darkest, most vile beings to ever exist. In the center, there is a pit of the collection of souls sent there to rot. SS emerged in the Realm of Darkness as a surprise to all there. SS walked up to the pit, stared into it, and plunged himself into it. The shadows enveloped him and dragged him deeper and deeper. The darkness kept cutting deeper and deeper. SS was subjected to things no being should ever have to see and feel. The beings that observed this were in shock, and expected him to quickly come back up, but he didn't. Day after day the pit continued to swirl but no being ever came out of it. The beings who watched gave up on SS after 3 days. The souls within the pit continued to crawl all over SS, seeping into the cracks of his heart and soul and corrupting him. SS began using the Loforce for the first time to combat these evil souls. SS body started to change to his prime physical condition, complete with silver hair and gold eyes. His eyesight would be taken, however, the darkness making SS blind. More days went on and SS still remained within the pit of souls. 7 days eventually passed, and the beings around the pit began to notice something happening. In a flight of silver light, SS emerged. Using the Hexforce and his Silver Giant form (its first usage), SS escaped the pit after a week. The darkness that remained took shape as a long, black coat and matching blindfold for him as well as a personal bodyguard known as the Guardian, acting as SS' shadow. SS heard the mumblings of the beings around him, all could not believe what they had just witnessed. No being had ever emerged from the pit after taking the plunge. SS had not only resurfaced, but forcefully put himself in there for 7 whole days. Even the most wicked and twisted of beings now respected SS for enduring torment such as that on his own terms. SS left the Realm of Darkness and returned to his former home, the Narumi Detective Agency. SS could feel his soul adjusting to the newly enhanced Loforce. He found his Henshin Belt, but decided against using it for the time being. He took a visit to the Lookout, now completely rundown. He gazed up towards the stars, making a prayer to his friends that were no longer around. They visited him and asked him to watch over the new Lookout Crew for them. SS obliged, making note of how he was the last surviving member of the original Lookout Crew. SS then set off to his homeworld of Rakuen, to see his people.

The Writing of the Argentum


The Silver Castle


The Silver Sage


The Silver Castle's Soldiers


The Royal Guards of SS

After SS' triumphant return, he demonstrated his new control over the Hexforce as he appeared before his Gerudo people long after they thought he was dead. The Gerudo heralded this event as the resurrection of their king, dubbing SS their God. The Gerudo people built an illustrious temple for SS and a Gerudo known as the Silver Sage crafted a holy book in honor of SS known as the Argentum. The Silver King was given a new Keyblade to represent his King status. The temple that was built was capable of inter-space travel at high speeds as well, so the temple could be taken anywhere SS wished to go. In the throne room, SS commissioned a statue of every single Silver King to be built with their own throne as well, making a gigantic throne room. SS' Guardian was also given his own resting place, just behind SS' throne. The Gerudo formed a royal guard and militia that would occupy the temple itself and protect SS and the Sage. Not always present in the temple, but SS would be in it quite frequently.

The Arcs

SS was one day summoned before a council of mysterious beings all wearing robes much similar to his own. The room SS was in was lined with 13 thrones, all raised high above the ground but on different levels, one throne remained empty. The one who sat upon the highest throne spoke first. He congratulated SS on his legendary transformation into what are known as the Arcs, beings higher than gods. The Arcs were much like SS, the had lived for eons, slowly adding more to their ranks. Their power lay within the 4th dimension, unseen and unfelt to mortals and gods alike. Their power was seemingly infinite and they all carried out their own agendas. Apparently, from SS' birth they knew he would one day emerge as an Arc. The dive into darkness that SS took finally triggered his body to change into that of an Arc, even though the process started long ago. The Arcus, the leader, proclaimed that SS was to join as the 13th member of the Arc council that spanned beings all across the omniverse. SS was hesitant at first, unsure of what exactly these Arcs did in their millions of hours of free time. The Arcus reassured SS that they were waiting for their 13th member to start acting as keepers of omniversal peace, something SS had shown he was already capable of doing by himself. The Arcus seemed very determined to get SS to join them and wouldn't let him simply leave. The Arcus demonstrated his power by showing SS visions of the past with the Lookout Crew. Finishing with the line, "You wouldn't want to disappoint them, would you?". SS took a step back, remembering his days as a Crew member. He finally agreed to join the Arcs, vowing to himself that if anything went wrong he would finish these enigmatic beings off.

The Return of Shocker

SS was very aware that Shocker still existed in this time, as they had killed Nightingale and his own wife. SS began investigating Shocker only to find out that somehow Daishuryo, the original leader of Shocker, had survived the many years and was still seeking to reign over everything. SS found thousands of Shocker combatmen enacting imperialism over a planet two universes over, and rushed there immediately. Shocker not only wanted dominance over the universe they were formed, but over the entire omniverse. SS stormed in and started using his newfound Arc powers to stop Shocker's plans. It appeared they took the planet to mine some incredible resource, and had already taken all they needed. An enraged SS rushed back to Shocker's base to kill Daishuryo for real this time. Met face to face with the great leader himself, SS remembered their first fight and how Daishuryo somehow faked his death. "You like to act like you surprised me here and think you can stop me now. I've been waiting hundreds of years for this. Your every move has been calculated up to this very point, with you and I and nothing else. And this won't be the last time, either. Prepare yourself, Silver Seikatsu, for things are about to get a lot worse". And with that, SS was in the Silver Castle, with the Silver Sage intensely concerned. Confused, SS quickly started sensing for Daishuryo but found nothing. He had vanished from reality. SS met with the Silver Kings of the past for guidance. They could only tell SS to keep an eye out at all times for Shocker, and to not let his emotions get the best of him. SS was then called in by the Arcs, who were aware of his disturbance. The Arcus reassured SS that if Shocker showed up anywhere, they would alert SS. Giving SS more confidence, he returned to the Castle and the Sage, who he remarked looked a lot like his wife.


SS was called in by the Omni-King, who told him that he could no longer reside in the omniverse. Much like the other Arcs, SS would be forced to live in the dimension where the other Arcs were, and as soon as possible. SS was deemed a threat to the omniverse simply because of how powerful he was. Disregarding the fact that SS had proven he could keep his power in check until he needed to release it, the decision was final. Against the idea of living amongst the other Arcs, and not being able to hunt down Shocker or provide protection for the innocent people, had SS furious. He refused to leave. The Omni-King was shocked, and made clear that if SS stayed in the omniverse, he would be labeled public enemy #1 and would be constantly hunted down no matter where he was. SS simply smirked, seeing this as a new challenge for him to overcome, and disappeared. SS' ability to change his appearance at will and hide in plain sight would come very useful in the following years. He gave the Silver Sage full control of the Gerudo people, promising he would find a way to come back soon enough. SS now could focus on his main priority, finding Shocker.

The Cosmic River

Realizing that protecting the universe now the he would be hounded by trillions of the Omni-Kings soldiers, SS made a trip to the World Core, where the Kais are born. The river that flowed through the area was made up of incredibly divine properties, only told in legends to cause legendary feats. SS grabbed a fruit off the World Tree and dove into the river. Minutes later, a Core Person rose up, seemed confused only for a brief moment, and took off.

Resurrection Z

SS, who had attained a state known as "Cosmic Meditation" through hundreds of years of practice, was forced awake one day. He felt a darkness somewhere in the universe that felt familiar. Along with a voice calling for him. After disregarding the warnings from past Silver Kings, SS took off to meet this threat. He arrived at a barren planet somewhere in the outskirts of East Galaxy. The power that called to him was none other than Zettai, the man who murdered his entire family and race. Zettai had been resurrected through unknown means and was out for SS' life once again. Zettai explained to SS that he was a failure and could not achieve the legendary power foretold in the Gerudo prophecy. This was the first time SS had ever heard of a prophecy like that. This was also the first time SS would be able to fight Zettai armed with the knowledge that he killed the only family SS had. The two began their fight, SS confident that the infinite power he had gained through centuries of training was more than enough to defeat his foe, yet Zettai was somehow outmatching him in every aspect of the fight. Zettai had gained a very similar power to SS'. The two continued their battle, neither showing any signs of giving up. Zettai believed that in killing SS, the universe's guardian, he would complete the prophecy and gain the power forbidden to any other being. Zettai began to force SS to see visions of his father, mother, brother and entire race being slaughtered by him. SS could hear nothing but their screams in pain and fear. He saw his parents both powerless to stop the onslaught. Zettai taunted SS, stating that he couldn't possible say he could protect every being in the universe if he let his race die so easily. SS was now losing his edge and Zettai was not letting up, quickly dealing several strong blows to SS. Zettai continued to taunt SS with the fact that he was unable to save his family no matter how strong he had become now. The tyrant, Zettai, was going to resume his reign of terror tenfold. The demon grabbed SS' by the neck and absorbed the Triforce from him. His power now even greater, Zettai fired a blast through SS, presumably killing him. Zettai now believed he had fulfilled the prophecy and that the power of legend was his for the taking. However, SS rose up from the ashes. Zettai, unable to believe what he was seeing, let out a violent outburst of rage on SS, who somehow withstood it all. Zettai tried to call upon the power of the Triforce to defeat SS, but the Triforce would not obey Zettai. It returned to SS, who had witnessed a vision of his parents crying in their final moments, praying for SS' own safety. The planet beneath the two began to crumble away. SS started to shed tears of his own. Zettai tried to infiltrate his mind again, showing more images of death and destruction. Yet, this only fueled SS' fire. Zettai even tried to claim the old members of the Crew were ashamed of SS and never cared for him. Their deaths also appeared in SS' mind. SS' rage continued to build and build. The warrior who for centuries had fought with no emotion now finally showed some. Zettai rushed SS, hoping to knock him out of this incredible state, yet he was only blown back. SS' hair began to stand on end and black markings began to appear all over his body. His pupils faded away. A strange red mist surrounded him. SS' anger finally exploded. He had attained an entirely new form. Going against what SS and the Gerudo people stood for, this new form was born from destruction. The pure rage SS felt gave this form life, something unheard of from SS. Zettai knew exactly what he was looking at. It was the power spoke of in legend. The Calamity Gerudo had awoken. SS released all his rage on Zettai, who could do absolutely nothing but take every hit. SS had Zettai at near death. Instead of killing him, he trapped Zettai in a Ki sphere before firing 1 million death beams into it to constantly bounce around and pierce every part of Zettai's body. He then sent the sphere out into the depths of space, never to be seen again. Zettai could not die in this sphere and would be forced to feel this pain for eternity. SS new power was still not relieved however, so SS forced himself to a different dimension to let loose his anger without obliterating the omniverse.

The Herulean War

During the universal Herulean War, SS led his Gerudo militia into battle. SS arrived halfway through the war, his people joining on Febuary 2nd, 1101. SS became one of the leaders of the Universal Alliance of Galactic Powers and a great ally. SS and his militia first fought in the Liberation of Kortan. They then fought in the Battle of Herul, where nearly 2,000 Gerudo died. SS and his army was also present during the final battle of the Herulean War, occupying the enemy fleet while the other generals fought the Herulean main threats. SS debuted his new upgrades of his Kamen Rider forms.


SS was and still is one of the most recognizable faces amongst all of the Lookout Crew's members. He has also become a familiar face amongst the media of not only Earth but the entire universe. People would see him rushing in and instantly would recognize him. That was what made SS great. He would protect all of the universe. He felt that the universe was under the protection of the Crew and he fulfilled that promise. Even after his "death" people knew him. When SS died, the Crew was completely devastated. It took them awhile to get over the fact that he was gone. And while the rest of the universe was never informed of his falling, they could feel him gone. Almost like they could sense his energy and knew that he wasn't coming back. The first SS sighting was when he emerged from the "dead" in full armor that resembled his Batman suit. This is what caused all the speculation amongst the universe's people and word even got the the Crew themselves. Eventually, these rumours were proven correct and SS returned,keyblade in hand, the save the universe he has always felt he needed to protect all his life. When SS finally remerged in his "prime" form the universe rejoiced. The Crew had gotten their lost member back and the universe felt safe once again.




SS' true power has been a subject of debate since he first joined the Lookout Crew. He was originally considered the weakest of the Original Crew, due to his age and just being the newest member. SS was often made fun of for that reason and was looked down on as incompetant and weak. The young SS would disprove these claims, taking on Zion and nearly defeating him. Also, taking on The Ancient Evil and somehow defeating him with relative ease. SS refuses to show his true maximum power in any sort of conflict or training, just out of pride. He has demonstrated unbelievable levels of strength, leaving the viewers in awe, then explaining that it merely scratched the surface of his climax. Even Gods are shocked and impressed, perhaps scared, by SS. Perhaps the dimension he resides in would be shattered by his true power. His mortal body not even able to hold in his maximum of his Heiko Hopper form. Despite this, SS refuses to become a God or Kai. SS would have to gain assistance from somebody to become a God, meaning the power he gains wouldn't be his own true power. Maybe one day a cataclysmic event will occur in the universe, allowing SS to showcase the true, awesome power that he really holds. Until then, it remains a mystery just how powerful he really is. And that frightens a lot of people.  



A large contributor to SS' power is his control over the two Triforces, the Hyforce and the Loforce. Each Triforce gives SS power connected to light or darkness respectively, and can unlock unimaginable power when fused to make the Hexforce.  


Besides Ki, SS mainly uses a different form of energy known as Hamon. SS harnesses the power of light, the same energy given off by the sun, to create massivly powerful attacks. Hamon can be used in many different ways such as healing, matter creation, barriers, and a wide array of attacks.

The Spectrum

After reaching the Heiho form, SS was given access to a cosmic force known as the "Spectrum". Using Hamon energy to connect the souls of every single being in existance, The Spectrum gives the user immense amounts of power, at the cost of the user's sanity. The Spectrum is based on emotion, so when using The Spectrum, the user will be forced to hear voices of every emotion that exists, filling the user's head with voices constantly screaming and arguing. These voices can take control, causing the user to destroy everything in his path. But, if one can control the voices, they will become even more powerful. Based on emotions, The Spectrum's power has no limit, it will continue to boost its user as long as its user truly believes they can win whatever fight they are in. SS spends hours training to conquer The Spectrum, not fully there just yet.

Infinity Energy


The fusing of the Hexforce, Roidmude DNA, Giant of Light DNA, Hamon, The Spectrum, and the blood of Super Shenron resulted in a new kind of energy known as Infinity Energy. This new type of energy fuels the Silver Giant form as well as SS' power moving forward. As the name implies, there is an never ending pool of it that SS can draw from in his being. The Infinity Energy is a league above Ki, and can be manipulated in many different ways. It can be solidified as an object or be created as a simple mass of energy. It appears rainbow in color, taking that from the Spectrum. Infinity Energy is able to boost the user's power to heights never before seen, and continues to do so infinitely. The Infinity Energy takes form in SS' left eye, turning it rainbow. SS' newly formed core, also appears as the Infinity Energy symbol with the Hexforce surrounding it. It can be taught to other beings, but only if SS shares some of it within the being's body.



Way to the Dawn

  • Way to the Dawn - SS' main Keyblade. He can summon it from thin air and make it disappear at will. SS can use it to cast spells as well.
  • Gin - The Keyblade given to SS by the Gerudo that represents his kingship on Rakuen.


  • Deep Wing - An upgrade of Way to the Dawn. When using this Keyblade, SS can unlock his Deep form.

    Deep Wing

  • Oblivion - Another upgrade of SS' keyblade. Oblivion represents all of SS' darkness and can only be used when SS is in full control of the Loforce.



  • Zen Star - SS' signature move. He forms his hands in the shape of a star, charges an energy beam, and fires it at his opponent.

Rider Kick - SS' main finisher. Leaps high into the air and comes down with a devastating kick to his opponent.

  • Kamehameha - SS says aloud the move's name then fires a blue energy beam.
  • Spirit Bomb - SS holds his hands above his head and charges up a gigantic ball of energy. He is rendered useless during the charging portion.
  • Zen Kamehameha - A combination of the Zen Star and Kamehameha. SS forms his hands in the star shape and yells out the name then fires the beam of energy.
  • Density Shift - In his Chaser Forms, SS can send out a shockwave of energy that slows down the movements of anybody in the surrounding area. This gives SS the ability to easily dispose of his foes and deal heavy damage. The Density Shift lasts for however long SS can withstand it.
  • Overdrive - Finisher, a blast of Hamon energy. SS takes in his surroundings and uses that energy with his Hamon energy to strike his foe.
  • Specium Ray - Another one of SS' signature attacks. SS crosses his arms, right hand vertical and left hand over the right, horizontal. SS then fires a beam of Hamon energy.


  • Firaga - A fire based magic. SS can either summon a ball of flame or create a trail of flames enveloping SS or his Keyblade.
  • Blizzaga - An ice projectile is sent out of either the Keyblade or SS' hand and freezes anything it touches solid.
  • Thundaga - A bolt of electricity that spreads to anything around it when it connects with one foe.
  • Curaga - Used to heal SS of any wounds and energy loss but takes a good amount of time.
  • Slowga - An advanced form of Density Shift that slows down time itself except for SS.
  • Stopga - Completely halts time in place for as long as SS can sustain the spell.
  • Zero Graviga - Everything within radius loses their place in gravity and cannot control their movements in the new gravity-less space.
  • Holy - A beam of light infused directly with the power of the Hyforce.
  • Hell - The Loforce version of Holy, using dark magic to send a beam out.



The Guardian

  • Guardian - SS' personal bodyguard. The Guardian is almost constantly with SS, able to take the form of his shadow on the ground. The Guardian lacks the ability to speak but it is connected with SS mentally. It is connected to SS at his feet, but can morph his body to whatever size he feels. The Guardian possesses great physical strength and can take tons of heavy blows for SS. He is very protective of SS, constantly surveying the area for threats and will react violently if he feels SS is in any sort of danger. The Guardian formed from SS' dive into the Realm of Darkness, all of his memories of the people he once cared about taking form. The Guardian can also wield one of SS' Keyblades and use SS' vast collection of Ki and Magic attacks.


  • Bahamut - A summon that takes the form of a gigantic dragon, Bahamut will circle the air upon being summoned and rain down blasts of energy at the foe. Bahamut can also take to the ground and fight with his claws and wings. Bahamut also gives SS a ride to wherever he needs and can take him up so SS can heal or cast other spells from a distance.


  • Atum - A golden wyvern, Atum is a much nimbler version of Bahamut. Focusing on short ranged and quick attacks, Atum can help SS quickly gain the upper hand in the battle and even boosts SS use of Firaga when summoned.


  • Leviathan - When summoned, Leviathan covers the entire battlefield in hundreds of feet of water, choosing to primarily be below its surface. Giving SS rides under the depths or ambushing the opponent so SS can have a free shot, Leviathan is a summon that does not back down so easily and can change the pace of a battle for SS' advantage.


  • Ixion - Ixion is a goat of brute force only. Ixion charges through the air and ground to get a clear shot at SS' opponent. Not staying around for very long, Ixion gets as many hard hits in as possible and leaves with his horns charging with a strong bolt of Thundaga, shocking SS' opponent so SS can take them out.


  • Ifrit - A summon that stands on two legs, Ifrit attacks with a mixture of close and long range fire-based attacks. Ifrit will try to set up a strong combo with him and SS to deal a ton of damage before he ends his time. Ifrit can also trap the opponent in his arms or a vortex of fire so SS can just wail on them nonstop.
  • Fenrir - A wolf that is able to command the winds and weather while on the field, Fenrir will throw opponents off balance and charge them with his claws and teeth. Fenrir focuses on close range melee attacks but he is so fast that the opponent will have trouble trying to fend him off while SS can prepare for a big attacks whenever ready.




  • Alexander - A colossal summon of stone, Alexander is able to disassemble and reassemble his body into sections of stone and launch himself through the air at will. He is constantly getting in the opponent's way to protect SS, as he can take massive amounts of damage with no drawback. He is incredibly strong physically and can land several powerful blows to the foe while also protecting SS.

Super Forms

SS' final forms, accessed by maxing out his potential.


Heart form

  • HeartEvolved

    Gold Heart

    Heart Roidmude - Using SS' emotion of joy, he evolves into the Heart form. This form relies on brute strength mostly but can also attack from a wide distance. Heart can access a state called the Dead Zone, where the toll on his body is much more intense but his power increases nearly ten fold.
  • Gold Heart - A more powerful version of Heart, increasing all of SS' stats. In this form, he can sustain the power of the Dead Zone much more easily and it increases his power even more, allowing for more devastating attacks. This form is still able to accomplish unbelievable feats and can stand up to anybody.
  • Heiho

    Heiho, the Art of War

    Heiho - This form gets it's name from a pun on the Japanese word of "Heiho" meaning art of war, in this case having two meanings. Art, as in paintings, music, etc. referring to SS' brightly colored state in this form and the literal meaning of art of war as a strategy for fighting. SS enters this form by going beyond the Dead Zone's limitations, entering a state of being known as the Spectrum. The Spectrum allows SS to perfectly synchronize with every emotion felt by a being, each giving SS more power. Each emotion takes on a voice inside of SS' head, always shouting and fighting for control. If SS can control each emotion and not let them run wild, he cannot be stopped. SS' power in this form is nearly limitless, only falling to whatever SS thinks can beat him. Meaning, if SS believes in himself, he will not lose. This form can accomplish feats impossible to most other mortals. SS' fighting style in this form is smooth, studying his opponent and reading their moves before they are made, then swiftly dodging and counter-striking. That is true while SS remains in control of the emotions, but once he loses control of them or allows them to go berserk they will tear apart any foe and become incredibly violent. The only tax this form has on SS is mentally, due to the constant screaming of the voices inside of him. If he can control them and make it so that he can live in this form, it'll be even harder to take him down. This form truly is the definition of being in harmony with one's self.


  • HibikiArmed


    Prisma - After being revived by the Seed of Shine, SS gained an even stronger connection with The Spectrum. He was given the ability to manifest The Spectrum into a body made of pure Hamon energy. SS' body becomes gel-like and glows as bright as a star, gaining two rainbow wings. His power in this form is off the charts, but fluctuates almost as if it's the same liquid substance SS is made of. He is fast, strong, smart, and tactical with his movements. This form unites the voices from The Spectrum into one, united voice. This form is said to be capable of miracles, and has power beyond the imagination of any being.
  • Chozetsu -

    Omoide Chozetsu

    By fusing with the Spectrum completely, going beyond his limits, SS becomes Chozetsu SS. The same capabilities of the Spectrum exist here as well, now even stronger. The Prisma form takes on a set of armor that greatly enhances the overall abilities of SS as a fighter. His power is now virtually limitless and can control space and time to his needs. The Chozetsu form also has a powered-up mode, Omoide Chozetsu, where the armor becomes black and red and more fierce. This powered-up mode is fueled by pure rage, stemming from SS' loss of his love, Memori. The memories of her flood in, rusting the armor and allowing only one emotion to take over, raging love. The Spectrum falls silent except for rage and love, working together to annihilate any enemy that stands in SS' way. This mode is a fusion of the Dead Zone and the Spectrum, making SS almost unstoppable.
  • Ultraman

    Heart Attack

    Heart Attack - SS' final evolved state of his Roidmude core. This form synchronizes the Spectrum with the Dead Zone perfectly, even greater than Chozetsu. The Roidmudes were originally created to be able to synchronize with a being's emotion, taking on that emotion in ever aspect of their own lives and allowing it to build and give them greater power and understanding of how life works. SS' emotion was given to him by his "brother", Gold Seikatsu, and it was love. This form focuses on the emotion, propelling it to new heights. Using the Spectrum's emotion to power conversion ability and the Dead Zone's boost in emotion and power, SS attains a new state, Shitsuren, a state like the Spectrum but entirely focused on SS' emotion of love. Shitsuren allows SS to go to new heights, never though to have even existed. This form is the only form SS currently has that can access SS' true power. He can use his power over data to manipulate reality, blending data and matter into one. He moves faster than anything, and is able to travel between universes and dimensions with ease. He constantly runs data in his head, knowing his opponent's next 20 moves. His Roidmude core develops into something similar to a super brain, acting as its own entity. The Triforce also evolves and throws its power into the mix, giving SS even more raw power. SS' body reveals an evolution of his original Proto-Zero form, mixed with his Heart form. He sheds his skin in favor for an alloyed body made of Core Driviar, the strongest metal known to exist. He has two blades on his arms that are constantly emitting Hamon energy, supercharged by the mixture of energy sources as well as the Shitsuren. SS can control time and space through the power he learned from DenLiner and his Density Shift ability. He can absorb energy through his Roidmude core and have it heal him, an ability picked up from Memori, or send it back out 10x its original strength. He gains an unbreakable determination, stemming from his journeys with the Lookout Crew, and always focuses on the betterment of the universe, never putting them in harms way. If worse comes to worse, SS can detonate his core, releasing all the energy he has built up inside of him at once, most likely ending all of existence. The Shitsuen is constantly evolving, giving SS more and more power. Through what he has learned his entire life, this form is the pinnacle of power.
  • Inverse - TBA
  • Deep Dive - TBA

    The Silver Giant

  • Silver Giant - Using the power of the Hexforce as it resonates through the Spectrum, Hamon, and the blood of the Giants of Light, along with Super Shenron's power; SS ascends beyond anything ever seen before. As many believed SS' true power, when finally revealed, would nearly shatter the universe with how large it would be, they would be surprised. The power reading from this form is unable to be felt. SS' body reaches a state of balance with his being and all of existence itself. The power that this form has cannot be measured, it can only be observed as a collective extent of the multiverse itself, and beyond. SS' body is full of things never meant to be mixed. Such as the list mentioned above, as well as the Human and Saiyan blood he acquired, and his Roidmude DNA. Most of SS' other forms and techniques focus on one aspect of SS' complex DNA, but the addition of the Hexforce finds a way to mix and balance everything into a concise form, something far beyond what any being, let alone any mortal, should be able to accomplish. The new element created, dubbed Silvamesh, is divine in nature, but also has properties only found in existence's creator. By tapping into SS' darkness within and letting it flow, SS' body becomes able to connect with not only the light but the dark as well of the entire multiverse. It is not a matter of how powerful this form is, but a matter of what it can do. The Silver Giant is a form compiled of everything SS holds within his very soul, it represents his true nature. For his entire life, he never let loose his real strength because he was afraid of his power. This form reflects that in it truly has no limit to what it can do. The Silver Giant is an omnipotent being beyond Gods. To even list the feats it can accomplish would be impossible, the Silver Giant can do anything imaginable. This is much less a form as it is a state of being for SS. Entering the Silver Giant completely changes SS into a different being, one that understands what Gods cannot. A being that feels what Gods cannot. A being that does what Gods cannot. This form remains what SS' true power always was; formless and never to be shown. This form is capable of anything imaginable and is still a concept that has no limit. It is also reserved to be used in dire situations. SS' first time using the form granted him to keep the ability to see things and observe outside of existence, meaning that he can enter the state of omnipotence at will with no drawbacks. It is possible that SS can enter this state and reset the entire universe to correct a mistake. It is possible that he has seen all possible pasts and futures and is forced to live on through the current one. This form embodies what SS always wanted to be and what he always stood for. It wasn't about how strong he was, it was about saving people. This form has no power, it just wills things to happen. This form sees and feels everything, making it easy for SS to save the people of the multiverse when he can. SS truly has surpassed the mere concept of what limits are, doing things no conceptual being should be capable of.


Action-ZERO (Subbed AMV) -HD-04:44

Action-ZERO (Subbed AMV) -HD-


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MAD 仮面ライダーチェイサーDonten

Main Theme

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Kamen Rider Den-O Climax Jump Den-Liner Form PV (subbed)


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-T-N- Ranbu Escalation


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