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Silver Nebula
Silver Nebula
Professional Status
Personal Status
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Silver Nebula is the co-main RP character of PhantomSilverShenron

He is half Saiyan and half Zeroninthian.


Silver was born on Zeroninth. When he was a child he helped out Zari by masking his energy for him. His Mother was Zeroninthian while his father,Saiyan. When Zari left Zeroninth with SS,he gave Silver one of SS' dragon balls. That is how he found SS. Zari also gave him a Gi that changes color everytime he transforms. Thanks to his Zeroninthian DNA,Whenever he transformas into his Supreme Super Saiyan forms,his appearance is a bit different from a regular SSSJ.


Great Ape

Super Saiyan forms 1-10

Supreme Super Saiyan

Supreme Super Saiyan 2

Supreme Super Saiyan 3

Supreme Super Saiyan 4

Supreme Super Saiyan 10

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