This article, Silver King, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Silver King, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Silver King, is property of Silver Sage.

The Silver Kings are characters created by Silver Sage.


At the dawn of time, there was an ancient race known as the Regium, living on a planet called Aeris. The Regium were heard of throughout the entire universe as masters of technology and magical practices. They constructed large monuments on their planet that served as nodes for their civilizations. They also created many objects with power beyond that any had seen in the universe during their time. The Regium soon discovered that they were a part of a universal cycle, each generation a Regium would be born with special qualities other than the rest. The "chosen Regium" of each generation was heralded as a king and was trained by the most powerful warriors on Aeris. The king position would be called the "Silver King", due to the odd silver markings that appeared on the chosen one.

As time went on, the Regium would begin to die out. A plague caused by a poison from overuse of their technology swept through Aeris, killing more than 80% of the Regium. To survive, they had to flee the planet and colonize elsewhere. A majority of the Regium all landed on the planet of Rakuen, joining the Gerudo race that lived there and continuing the Silver King bloodline on Rakuen, as well as giving them access to their incredible technology, but making sure not to let it spiral out of control again. Aeris would not be populated for millions of years, finally having a reemergence of life from a species of bird that evolved to live in the high structures built by the Regium, to escape to poisonous ground below them.


Taken from the religious book of the Regium, the "Argentum".

"After the mother is threatened by the God of Destruction,

There will rise a hero of the finest color like silk

Their power, like the wind, will blow away the threat

The mother will be spared by the hero's great strength

And the demon who once called himself a God,

Will be slain where he stands by the true hero,

The King of Silver"

This prophecy foretells the battle against the Silver King and a God of Destruction, much like the first king, Gin. The battle will only occur when the planet of Aeris is the target of the God of Destruction.


1: Gin

2-103: Numerous other Kings

104: Zephyr


106: SM

107: SJ

108: Manticore

109: SS (Reborn)

110: Nobody

111: Kaizoku Yurei

112: Mirage

113: Zidane

114: Silver Shenron

115: Landon Okane

116: Venjix

117: Xethra

118: Alpha

119: Fuyode

120: Silver Bodhi

121: Nightingale

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