This article, Shun, is a Role-Play article.

Race 3/4 Saiyan

1/4 Human

Gender Male Male
Date of Birth March 23
Age 10
Height 4'7
Weight 67lbs
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Lookout Crew
Occupation Student
Education Supreme City Elementary School
Address The Lookout
Personal Status
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Shun is a 3/4 Saiyan Hybrid who is the son of Zion and Minata, brother to Marshall and Zion Jr.. Shun was a warrior who loved training until he lost connection to his abilities and become a pacifist monk inventor. Shun was not raised by his father as his father died in his younger years, he is a former role-play character of XxGodZerxesxX.


Shun was born to Zion and his mistress Minata. Shun was raised on the planet of the kais, barely ever seeing his father until he was 13. When he was 13, Shun then began training with his father who taught him several different powers and techniques. 

Throughout his entire life, Shun has spent 90% of his time training to become stronger. He however never surpassed his father, nor any of his brothers proving him useless later in the Lookout-1 series. Shun at the age of 29, Shun had become sickly and had lost all connection to the Lookout Crew and his abilities. He became a monk, and pacifist in his later years and went on to create several hundred inventions used by many today. He died in 1087.


Shun is most commonly known for his ability to transform his body into any shape, size and form. This being done by manipulating his ki through his heart. He usually transforms into weapons, vehicles, and other people to help himself and others. He can't transform into someone or something without having a full thought out idea or vision of it first. Shun has the ability to use his ki to take control of the elements including water, fire, ground, and air. He can also take control of ice, lava, wind, and metal as secondaries to the other 4. Shun uses these in combination with his shape-shifting to easily gain access to new states, or forms of his body material.

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