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Shiro's version of Sapphire Super Saiyan, as you can see, its different of Kuro's.

Shiro meaning "White", is the counterpart clone of Kuro who was created along with the other Counterpart Clones, which were created while the fighters were observed throughout battles.


He looks like Goten, but with a green outside gi, and a blue inside. He looks like Kuro, while having Goku, Goten, and Kuro's strange spikey hair.


  • Super Saiyan - As a Super Saiyan, he has the smae hair as Kuro's hair, stucks up and turns a lightish dark like usual. He is really never seen in this transformation, but obiously can use it.
  • Ascended Super Saiyan - Never seen, but uses since Kuro does.
  • Sapphire Super Saiyan - He invented Cloned Sapphire Super Saiyan version of the Sapphire Super Saiyan. He uses it very often, and its is pink hair coloerd, and not blue.


  • Ki Blast
  • Ki Barrage
  • Kamehameha
  • Super Sapphire Crystals - A move he uses in his Sapphire Super Saiyan form. It freezes the opponent in crystals.
  • Sapphire Swirl - He gathers all blue energy around him into a super strong blast. The Sapphire State is needed.
  • Duplicate - He can make copies of any object with a blast.
  • Many more.

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