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"...He created us...To destroy all Saiyans...But my brother and I didn't believe in his actions...So we rebeled...Glad we did too"

Shinzo is a character created by PhantomSilverShenron.


Shinzo is the second of the Gōsuto akuma race. He was created nearly an entire decade after Ryusei was. Shinzo was created for the sole purpose of tracking down all Saiyans in existance. He was created with enhanced technology with a built-in scouter-like device that focuses on Saiyan DNA. He and Ryusei became very close,like the brothers they are.

Catastrophic rage

Shinzo returned to the lab one day. He had information on Planet Vegeta that he wanted to share with the scientist that created him. Once he returned,he found that his brother,Ryusei,had abandon the lab. Ryusei claimed on never returning. The scientist was enraged,as you can imagine. So once Shinzo arrived,he immediately began to lose trust in his creations. The scientist tried to shut Shinzo down. Shinzo,who had already began to think about following his brother,fought back. He was nearly destroyed. No signs of The Scientist remained. Ryusei returned to aid his brother. Ryusei rebuilt the damages done to Shinzo and the two brothers dissappeared. Nobody has ever seen them to this day.

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