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Tenchi uses Shinku Shakunetsu

Shinku Shakunetsu (Vacuum Scorcher) is the so called "ultimate blast attack" and was created by Tenchi. It automatically wins blast struggles, and is a turning point move that tenchi claims is "will end all projectile wars". Even in spite of him preferring to use strictly martial arts and hand to hand combat, he makes an exception with this move due to the fact it can instantly win blast struggles by "changing probability".



Shinku Shakunetsu Destroys the Universe!!

Shinkuu Shakunetsu doesn't draw its power from how much ki is put into it, but rather how its very nature warps reality. It is a perfect move that can win an projectile war or blast struggle in a split instance, due to the fact that Tenchi uses his unique godlike ki to allow the beam to change the probability of it losing blast struggles to 0. Once set, it cannot be reversed, allowing it to instantly defeat any blast it is clashed with, regardless of power.

Even in spite of its probability-based winning, Shinkushakentsu is nearly unsurpassable as a normal blast attack, boasting more power in its blast than a thousand of the Big Bangs which created the universe. Merely firing a weak version of it off by Tenchi was enough to instantly destroy the entire universe and reduce all creation to a scattered, empty void of its former self, the mere presence of the attack being shown to pulverize existance. Merely charging up the technique to its full extent can obliterate the known universe, the last thing there being only tenchi and the attack, illuminating the limitless void of the destroyed universe (shown in first picture).

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