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The Shenron Blade is a sword used by .   It doesn't make the user invincible but is very powerful and
multiplies their power level. 


Long ago in ancient times, a Namek warrior and his village were under attack from a powerful Super Saiyan, much stronger than Super Saiyan 4 Goku.  How did he get his power?  He had achieved the first Super Saiyan 4 forms on his own but had drawn power from a special sword, an indestructible sword. This sword was originally wielded by a great Namek warrior but he had found the sword from a Namek temple and stolen it.   The Saiyan was almost invincible and destroyed all of the strongest warriors but the one Namek Warrior remained.  He used all of his power to fight the Saiyan, even fusing with departed warriors, but could still not defeat him.   Desperate, he prayed to Shenron and Porunga who endowed him with their divine empowerment.  This increased his power level dramatically but did not make him invincible, he was able to surpass a Super Saiyan 4's power.  In the end, the brave Namek sacrificed himself to destroy the Saiyan for good.   After this, the Saiyan's sword was sealed underneath planet Namek surrounded by Katchin barriers.  The sword and it's Katchin barriers survived the destruction of the planet whenever Frieza and Goku destroyed Namek.   For years it floated in space unnoticed, when one day, Ethan saw the sword.  It was guarded by the Namek's soul (which was tied to the universe instead of leaving for Other World) and he would not let anyone have it unless they would use it for good.  Because Ethan would, he was given the sword and the Namek passed on to Other World.

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