This article, Shatogen Clan, is a Role-Play article.

The Shatogen Clan was once a very populated clan until the day came. It is known as "Clan of the Crescent Moon".


The very first Shatogen was "Hashiko Shatogen". He founded the clan along with the founder of the Sakiburo Clan, it was founded about 64 years ago. It was very hard to be populated but it reached about 2,000 clan members in a mere year. Once the years passed, the population decreased by a few hundred.


The day had come, for the Shatogen clan's destruction. A man, Seruki Shatogen's grandfather, slaughtered and killed every single one of the clan, except his grandsons Seruki and Tsuki Shatogen. Seruki's grandfather was sentenced to life in prison. From that day on, Seruki and Tsuki were known as the "Shatogen Survivors".

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