This article, Senbonzakuragakure, is a Role-Play article.

Senbonzakuragakure (千桜に隠れの里, Literally Meaning: "Village Hidden by a Thousand Cherry Blossoms") is a hidden village in the mountain and hotspring areas of Earth.

Senbonzakuragakure isn't your regular village though. It is a village built on the sole purpose of training. The village itself is a training facility. Not a training facility where all you do is train but a training facility of paradise. Where you are getting stronger and living the life.


founded this village in the mountains where there were a lot of rivers, forest area, and hotsprings. He built and built using hundreds of sand clones. He has already got people inhabiting the village in one day.


  • Environment Advantages
  • Endurance
  • Focus and Meditation
  • Creativity
  • Stealth
  • Hesitation Control
  • Swordsmenship


  1. Environment Advantages, Endurance, Focus and Meditation, Creativity, Swordsmenship
  2. Viragis: Stealth, Hesitation Control


  1. Michael - Rookie
  2. - Rookie

Training Areas

Since the village is meant for training, everywhere is a training area except people's homes and restaurants.


There are many ranks in Senbonzakuragakure. Each rank has certain privileges to items and techniques.

  • Rookie
  • Swordsman
  • Guard
  • Patrol Officer
  • Special Force
  • Death Specialist
  • Royal Guard
  • Captain


Senbonzakuragakure Uniform
Senbonzakuragakure's training uniform is a black kimono with a white and black trim that have blue and green stripes. The kimono is tied around with a lavender belt and is wore with black pants. Each rank wears the same attire except Captain. Captain's get a white jacket.

Items You Can Earn

  • Katana (Swordsmen)
  • Ancient Senbonzakura Armor (Death Specialist)
  • Legendary White Scarf (Royal Guard)
  • Captain Jacket (Captain)

Moves You Can Learn

  • Kamehameha: Fart Version (Rookie)
  • Explosive Wave (Guard)
  • Breakdance Beam (Swordsmen)
  • Super Explosive Wave (Special Force)
  • Dragon Fist (Death Specialist)
  • Dino Fist (Death Specialist)
  • Final Kamehameha (Captain)
  • Phoenix Fist (Captain)


If you want to register into this school leave a comment on this page linking your character and telling me a little about yourself. An example of telling me a little about yourself is: "Hi I am Bob and I am a guy from Satan City." That's all there is to it.

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