This article, School of the Dragon, is a Role-Play article.

This article, School of the Dragon, is a Role-Play article.

Phoenix King procession

Temple of The Dragon

The Dragon School
of martial arts is an Elite Fighting Dojo founded, owned, and overseered by the legendary T.O.A.A. . Of the Schools within the Martial Arts republic, The Dragon School is infamous for being the most dangerous, brutal, and ruthless of them. Students risk life and limb every day through brutal and lifethreatening training excersizes for the purpose of crafting each and every one of them into perfect warriors. Grandmaster Wukongs class has no alumni or members, as they have all "Failed" his course. The Dragon School does not accept enrollments, disciples become eligible to train there by direct order of Grandmaster Wukong. Their are two known master techniques taught at The Dragon School, The Dragon Fist, and The Final Kamehameha..


The Dragon School of Martial Arts is an immense property of many different environments composed of everything from idyllic meditation grasslands to deadly trap training courses. Disciples at this school congregate at the temples main plaza to run through training routines all day and night non stop, alternating between different training groups. The Dragon school is extremely strict and barbarically intolerant of any "outside influences". The laws are enforced by elite Headmasters selected directly by Grandmaster Wukongs hand. Brutal and slave-like punishments are inflicted on those whom violate the standards of the Dragon Schools curricular activity.

Though the ways of training and discipline may be seen as haneous and barbaric in the eye of some, the school is the most successful of all the others, due to teaching their disciples the very meaning of pain and sacrifice. There is a very pure element at the heart of the Dragon Dojo's machine that very few students are capable of tapping into and finding. The Dragon Schools Final and Secret Technique is Ryuuza Shinken, and it can only be learned directly from Grandmaster Wukong himself.

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