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"Forsaken are the concepts of understanding, connecting, achieving a wavelength with your opponent. Discarded are the useless aspects of combat, and abandoned are the wasteful movements of fighting. This form is the penultimate culmination of all forms of fighting. Thousands of years of development and training brought together in a complete and utterly perfect unison. Through my fists i shall channel the very essence of destruction, to aim the very will of murder is to practice these techniques. For i have gathered only the mightiest of martial arts and have helped usher them on into the perfect forms. This is the fist that will reach absolute perfection... this fighting style. Is Unbeatable."
— Ikkitousen

Shurayomi Asshuku Style
Shurayomi Asshuku-Ryu
Anime name Shurayomi Asshuku Style
Manga name Shurayomi Asshuku-Ryu
Alternate names The Unbeatable Fist
Debut SDBZ
Appears in SDBZ
Inventor Grand Supreme Dark Kai
Users Grand Supreme Dark Kai
Class Fighting Style

Sanka-Ryu Shinken(黒魂神拳, "Calamity-Style Godfist") is the name of the martial arts fighting form created by The Ikkitousen. It is regarded as "the most wicked of dark martial arts" and exists for the sole purpose of inflicting pain, suffering, and destruction to anything or anyone that dare stands in its way. By The Ikkitousen's word, it is said to be the "absolute culmination of all destructive forms in martial arts" and is built on the fundamentals of his own mastery of countless different fighting styles.

The techniques and applications of the style number in the numerous and potentially infinite, as it is a fighting form which is continually evolving and being improved without limitation by its creator. According to the Ikkitousen himself, the mere act of practicing Calamity Style martial arts is exceedingly life-threatening due to the immense upheaval of energy it takes to maintain and perform the techniques, however, if one is capable of continually training themselves in this form, even if they are a human, The ikkitousen promises that they will easily become one of the strongest beings in the entire universe.


As the proclaimed, "Unbeatable Fighting Style" Calamity Style Martial Arts is formed from only the strongest and most powerful of martial arts fighting techniques. Through his extensive martial arts knowledge, The Ikkitousen i has unified all martial arts, creating this godlike fighting form. It is based upon the principle of "returning all fighting to its primordial, perfect form". This is the reason that The Ikkitousen  has obtained the ability to utilize all forms of martial arts from his era as well as those passed, and has even implemented the secret styles from other planets and alien fighting forms. When these forms are all brought together, the primordial, original form of fighting can not only be tapped into, but its very essence may be unleashed. This is performed by utilizing the metaphysical "center of martial arts" called Yin-Yang Spiritual Energy. The two essences of power which reside in the deepest confines of all living beings. Yin essence pertains to ones spiritual energy, while Yang essence pertains to ones physical energy, and it is necessary to be deeply aware of both these forces to be able to bring them together and form the basis for Shurayomi Asshuku-Style martial arts.



  • A fighting style which i have formulated using inspiration from the countless different techniques with the vast and constantly expanding roster of fight manga i have read. This is one of my most proud works.

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