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This character, Samuel Mizaki, is a main Lookout RP character!

Samuel Mizaki

Samuel is the Dark Saiyan.
Name Samuel Mizaki
Kanji スティーブン·サミュエル
Aliases Samuel Stephen

The Dark Soldier

Race Saiyan/Human
Gender Male Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Height Immeasurable
Weight Immeasurable
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Hero
Occupation Fighter
Education Lookout City College
Personal Status
[v · t · e]

"This is the end!"
— Samuel Mizaki

"The Kame Fighter is coming to the rescue"
— Samuel Mizaki

"The fiery pit of death is waiting for you"
— Samuel when he finishes his opponents

Samuel (Sam) is Ultimate Dark Carnage's Main RP character. He lives in Hollywood, California. He lived in Tokyo, Japan until he was 7. He wanted to be a scientist, but his dad told him not to because it can be dangerous. His mom was very strict. She wouldn't let him go to certain places. He is friends with DJ. He is now a billionaire street fighter.



Samuel was unpopular back then, but when he found a flyer about the tournament, he told everyone that he is entering. The tournament had 64 people in it. He went through all 63 people and won the tournament. After he won the tournament, he began to go into tournaments worldwide. He became a billionaire in age 17, and he bought a property so he can build his mansion


  • LT
  • DJ


  • Kaioken
    • Kaioken X2
    • Kaioken X3 (locked)
  • Kamehameha
  • Final Flash
  • Final Explosion
  • Super Kamehameha
  • Rasengan
  • Chaos Blast
  • Chaos Control
  • Super Rasengan (signature move 1)
  • Destructo Disc
  • Kame Flash (signature move 2)
  • Instant Transmission
  • Dodonpa


  • 10x Kamehameha
  • 100% Power Kamehameha
  • Final Explosion
  • Kame Explosion
  • Kame Control Combo (locked)
  • Final Destination Kamehameha (locked)
  • Final Destination Destructo Disc (locked)
  • Deadly Fire Combo (during Perfect Super Saiyan and upper) (locked)
  • Ultimate Kame Flash Combo (during Super Saiyan 5 and upper) (locked)
  • OMG Fireball of Death (during Deadly Super Saiyan only) (locked)


  • Katana
  • Kunai
  • Dragon Sword
  • Nightmare Sword (locked)
  • Super Sword
  • Kame Sword
  • Trunk's Sword (locked)

Other Items

  • Dragon Balls
  • Black Star Dragon Balls
  • Chaos Emeralds
  • The Dark Emerald
  • Necromancer Brace


  • Super Transformations
    • Super Saiyan
    • Super Saiyan 2
    • Super Saiyan 3 (locked)
    • Super Saiyan 4 (locked)


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