This article, Sahi, is a Role-Play article.

"So, you say you're stronger than me, and faster than me, don't you think you're being a little...childish?"
— Sahi

Sahi is an unknown man, but rumor says he has the Nijigan.
Sahi Clash

Sahi fighting Vegitax when they first meet.


Sahi was very powerful even as a child, so he was taken captive for his power to be used for war, when he was 11, he escaped his imprisonment, he came back to his parents' house, but they weren't there, at a certain room, Sahi found his older brother, his brother killed both of his parents, and until this day he has sworn to kill his older brother.


  • Lightning Style
  • Shadow Shuriken Technique
  • Shadow Possession Jutsu
  • Twin Blade Slash
  • Kamui


  • Clash Mode
  • Camouflage Mode

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