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SS (Reborn)
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SS (Reborn) is an old RP character of Silver Sage.


The Lookout Crew became a recognizable group by nearly all of Earth. The orginals were on posters, billboards, ads, movies based on them, merchandise, etc. Teenage girls swooned over the muscular and tough guy Zion, leader of the Crew. Kuzon caught the attention of scholars and teachers worldwide because of his influenece in modern science and knowledge development. Ian bought his fangirls. Tenchi was a world renowned Martial Arts champion and undisputed master of all fighting skills. Mars had his fans that thought he was the cool, silent type. The one left out was SS. Being a young child, SS didn't recieve the same type of love that the others did. Many didn't even know his name. But there was one who did. A scientist named Dr. Jinjo constantly studied SS and was obsessed with him. One night when SS witnessed a vision of Ian becoming evil and causing havoc, ending his life, he contacted the doctor. Jinjo was tasked with creating the perfect vessal for SS' spirit when it was lost. He had to find a way to transition SS' memories, thoughts, emotions and powers all flawlessly to a new body. The vessal was not completed by the time SS was killed so Jinjo had to have SS reside inside two other beings before his project was finished. The end result was SS (Reborn). The new body served well until SS was able to return to his original body and the vessal sat in the late Jinjo's lab, collecting dust until needed once again.


Zen Star (Main)

Celestial Blazer- Higher level of Zen Star

Chrono Star- Higher Level of Zen Star

X-Bomb- Higher Level of The Spirit Bomb

Chrono Explosion- Higher Level of Zen Star

Time-Space Destroyer (Finisher)-Highest Level of Zen Star

Ungodly Nexus (Main Finisher)- Uses Falchion


"Weak? You're joking,right? -Sighs- Well...Allow me to show you what 'weak' power I have..."





Super Shenron Level 1

Super Shenron Level 2

Super Shenron Level 3

Super Namek


Supreme Super Saiyan

Infinite Nexus (Using Falchion)



Linkin Park - In The End03:37

Linkin Park - In The End

Main Theme

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