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"In this world, it's sometimes hard to not think of how alone we truly are. How somebody you put trust in can just walk away and leave you alone at any moment. But when you feel the warmth from every being that has ever loved you, don't lose that feeling."

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SM is an old RP character of Silver Sage.

SM Stands for Silver Martian. He took over ' place when  "killed" him. SM's full name is Silver J'onzz.


When SS was killed by Ian, his memories were drained into the son of J'onn J'onzz,otherwise known as The Martian Manhunter. SM stands for Silver Martian. He is everything SS and his father were. A hero, a warrior, and a protector. He is basically SS,just green. He has all of SS' powers and is even Batman. SM was given a Heart Fragment by SS. His Fragment was Sigma. Sigma embodied Creativity.


SM was born on Mars as the son of J'onn J'onnz. His mother died when SM was 5 years old. He decided to use his anger for good,So he trained each and every day. He never met his father,due to him being on Earth and SM being on Mars. He was brave,always stood up for innocent people even at the age of 5. A severe climate change in Mars wiped out all of Mars' population,except for SM. SM somehow mircaulously survived. He visited his destroyed home to find a note from his father to his mother. Saying that his father was going to Earth to fight for justice. He was 19 at this time. At that moment SS reincarnated himself into SM. SM embraced SS as well as his father. He grabbed a picture of his mother and father and took off for Earth. There is where he met all of SS' friends.




He embodies his father, The Martian Manhunter. He looks just like him. Thanks to SS,he has silver eyes. He has green skin. Wears the same type of clothing as his father, The red X on his chest and the blue cape. His eyes are red when angry.

SM Rising off of Mars


His personality is just like SS'. He is funny,a joker,but also is serious when in battle. He will always put others before him. No matter what the cause,he will help innocents.He is a hero,just like SS was.


  • SS SAYS BOOM-Huge explosion of ki and fire
  • Batarang Blitz-Creates a large number of ki Batarangs
  • Batmobile Blitz-Creates a ki Batmobile and launches it at the opponent
  • Shadow Cannon-Used in his Shadow Form
  • Soul Surge-Combines his soul with SS' and shoots a blast similar to a Kamehameha
  • Zen Star-(Main)-Makes a star pattern with hands then blasts
  • Duel Zen Star-Two Star patterns,one for each hand
  • Body Zen Star-Lowest level of Body Zen Star
  • Infinite Zen Star-Body Zen Star,never runs out of energy
  • Ultima Zen Star-Body Zen Star,second highest level
  • Zen Planetoid-(Finisher)-Full body Zen Star,highest level
  • Godly Zen Beam-(Finisher)-Uses Dark's Void to create a Zen Star
  • Avenging of the fallen!-Main finisher

Transformations (In order from weakest to strongest)

  • Base
  • Martiarmor


Kingdom Hearts Sanctuary04:19

Kingdom Hearts Sanctuary

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