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"I find it unfair how the world can constantly push us closer and closer to jumping off the edge, but when we try to push back we are looked at as a savage animal."

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SJ stands for Silver Joker.


Many say SJ was a confused man. They were right. SJ started off as a man named "Jack". Jack was a skilled Martial Artist. Arguably one of the best on the planet. That all changed for Jack one day. The day found him. The day Jack was given his A.I. The day everything changed. SS and Zephyr both agreed that Jack was suitable enough to contain one of the most powerful A.I.'s This A.I. was "Omega", the A.I. of Rage. At first, Jack contained his power easily. But day after day it got more stressful. One day,Jack snapped. He went wondering in some radioactive waste facility. He then fell in, bleaching his skin and giving him green hair. Jack went even more crazy after that. He went under the alias of "SJ" and became even more powerful.


When the vile Kyofu had returned to wreck havoc upon the universe,SS needed assistance. He left SJ a message but SJ never replied. SS simply assumed he was dead. This,however,was not the case. SJ returned in SS' greatest time of need to help him and SM out and proved that he really was a hero.


SJ's true power has never been seen. This may be because he wants his enemies to lower their guards so he can swiftly dispose of them or perhaps he doesn't even know of his power himself. SJ has shown to be able to handle God-like beings such as Kyofu with little to no struggle at all.


  • Joke's on you!- SJ rushes at the opponent, disappearing at the last second,then blasts them from behind
  • Joker Zen Star- Zen Star colored purple,green and white
  • Tri Spirit Zen Star- SJ makes a Zen Star,then the spirits of SS and SM come and aid SJ (finisher)
  • Joy Buzzed- Main Finisher. SJ fires bolts of electricity everywhere within a 5-500,000,000 mile radius


  • Base
  • Titan
  • Supreme Joker

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