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"I hope you know the only reason I'm here...Is to inform you that he hasn't forgotten his creations"

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Ryusei is a character created by PhantomSilverShenron.


Ryusei is the first of many technology-created lifeforms known as Gōsuto akuma. He was a prototype for a new species of warriors. This species was developed by an ancient scientist, bent on destroying all Saiyans. The Gōsuto akuma are alike Saiyans in many ways. They are able to use a similar transformation pattern as them. Instead of changing into Apes, these warriors change into Dragons.


An unknown being was banished from his homeworld. He found shelter within a massive cave somewhere on Earth, long before any humans arrived on Earth. He used his homeworld's technology to make a lab inside the massive cave. The scientist had somehow developed a hate for the Saiyan race. So, he began to create a new species that would be able to eliminate the Saiyans. He was able to create this species by combining DNA of numerous different races including Saiyans themselves. He also used robotics to create this species. Finally, the first of many of the new species was created, Ryusei.

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