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The Rodion Saga is where the tyrannical Saiyan overlord sets his sights on Planet Earth, and TOAA is the only one there to defend it!. This saga also marks where The First Super Human is born!

Attack on The City Of Stupid Morons

moronic goku poops on vegetas head


Rodions Elite Forces

The Dark Lord Himself

Vulgar Display of Power

You're Just a Human...

Birth of a Savior

Rodion walks up to a small boy, still in SSJ4, and smirks evilly as the little boy whimpers.

Rodion: Don't give me that... be happy!, i'm sparing you the horrible life as lowly human!... usually i take my time with my victims... but with children i can't bring myself to do it... i just kill them instantly!

Rodion charges an energy blast ready to kill the unarmed child when he suddenly senses a spark of energy. Wukongs hand curls into a fist now battered and broken on the ground. He is so close to death that he can hear his own heartbeat. Rodion turns around as the little boy escapes, seeing Wukong on his feet. Rodion grits his teeth in a displeasant fashion.

Rodion: Strange... your stubborn refusal to die is getting annoying... if you'd just lay down and die i wouldn't have to put you through this much torture...

As Rodion babbles, Wukong can't hear a single word. His eyes are dead white, showing he is extremely close to passing out. Wukong has flashbacks talking to Zion and Kuzon. (Man, you guys are strong... i could never get there...) He remembers saying. (I'm just a human afterall... we all know Saiyans are the strongest in the universe) he remembers the words. He recalls how his human limitations prevented him from saving so many people and tears start streaming down his face as he begins to grunt. (How come i'm just a human!?) Echoes in his head as he remembers violently punching apart a forest angry at his own weakness. (...I'M SO WORTHLESS!!)


That was it. Something flicked on.

Rodion: ...bove all, you made it this far, thats a feat for any lowely human (wraps his fist around wukongs neck) i think death by strangulation sounds good... don't you?

Wukong: ...ore...

Rodion: (raises an eyebrow) ...speak up, i didn't quite catch that

Wukong: ...More... No... M-more...

At this moment, Wukongs power surges fourth several levels, prompting Rodion to let him go and stagger back as wukongs hair and clothing begin to flicker. But still, Wukong is lost in mourning of the past... he is so fed up. (And the family... they almost died because i couldn't get there quick enough!!) recalls the time his lack of speed almost got a family killed.

Rodion: Strange... your power is rising again... no matter, it still doesn't match me.

Wukong: N-no... m-more... No m-more!...

Rodion: What?, speak sense fool!, or did i hit you so hard you've lost your marbles?

A sudden ki aura bursts around Wukong, causing even ssj4 Rodion to open his eyes in shock as wukong grits his teeth. This Song begins to play.

Wukong: No more!... N-NO MORE!...

Rodion becomes scared.

Rodion: Well im surprised you still had this much power left, but i'm afraid its time to send you to the next world!, DIE!! (fires energy blast at him which explodes with immense force but it doesn't do anything)

Rodion: Wh-what!?, what trickery is this!?

Wukong: NO MORE!!... NO MORE!!!! (his head starts rocking back as his hair changes to golden yellow and back)



Rodion roars with shock as he is blown away in an immense golden yellow aura. Lightning strikes all around and the entire planet shakes underneath a new power emanating from Wukong.

Rodion: Impossible... this cant be!!... no matter how you look at it... this makes no sense!!

Wukong is restored to full health, his hair burns with golden yellow as do his eyes and tail.

Rodion: No... you are no saiyan!!, you are just a cheap knockoff!!, a human should never have this kind of power!!

Wukong: You're right... i'm no saiyan. I am the pride of the human race. The answer to those who try to take away our honor and rightful place as the strongest and most perfect beings in the universe. I am the very personification of domination... the ancestral progenitor to you filthy apes... i am the perfect being, the ultimate lifeform!, i am Sun-Wukong!!, THE FIRST SUPER HUMAN!!


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