This article, Rift Barrage, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Rift Barrage, is a Role-Play article.

Rift Barrage is another attack use exclusively by Devil Tenchi. When beginning this technique, Devil Tenchi raises a single fist casually and clenches it with so much power that a dimensional portal opens before him. He then fires a huge amount of yellow energy blasts into the portal, thus closing it. A few seconds later, a portal opens right infront of his victim and the blast comes out, exploding on them causing them to fly back. As they soar away all other rifts open around them as the yellow ki blasts pour out of them and explode on contact hitting them from all sides. Eventually they rifts encircle the target completely and attack with beams from all sides, doing lethal damage to them before creating a huge explosion.

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