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Revenge Blaster
Topazo charging revenge blaster while surrounded by his fellow fighters
Anime name Revenge Blaster
Manga name Blast Of Revenge
Debut Topazo's First Fight
Appears in Roleplaying Sessions
Inventor Topazo
Users Main-Topazo

Other(s)- Gogi, Trenyo Jr.

Class Energy Attack

Absorption Blast

Color Topazo- Blue or Red

Gogi- Purple or Yellow

Trenyo Jr.- Black or Blue

Revenge Blaster is a finishing technique used by the Saiyan , Topazo . In using the move you must absorb your opponents attack. With that you must redirect the blast through your energy and send it back, Double Fold. In doing so you must also release some of your energy. Depending on the attack you absrob you might lose all your energy. Such as in the universal battle with , Evil Ian , and Devil Ian. In which Topazo absorbed one of the Death Balls but ended up not being able to release it cuasing his body to shut down. So depending on your energy amount you should not absorb certain attacks. This technique is also extremely hard to learn and can be used in many different forms. No one else can use it besides Topazo, Gogi and Trenyo Jr.

Topazo was killed when using this blast against Ian's Death Ball, twice.

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