This article, Return of The Spiral King!!, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Return of The Spiral King!!, is a Role-Play article.

: "The Universe has become Idle and Boring... perhaps now would be a good time to show my face again... i do believe that i never actually got around to showing that lot my true power... why don't we make things interesting?" -The King is Back!!

The Return of The Spiral King Saga is a roleplay event that will take place at the superzfighterswiki chat. We don't know when... we don't know where... but if one thing is for sure, The Legendary Spiral King, TOAA has returned to the midst of our presence!. He will launch a full scale crusade, being a one-man army against any and every warrior whom dares to rise up to the challenge!, show him the extent of your power and grit those teeth!!.

The event will be a no-holds barred absolute action-packed thrill ride where you bet your life for the ultimate fight!. All participants must comply with the Spiral Kings ideaology, it is not about winning or losing, it is about making an incredible bout that people will talk about throughout the expanse of time!!, so hit the gas and go at 100 percent from the moment you begin!

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