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Anime name Spirit Killing Blade
Manga name Spirit Satsuken
Alternate names Spirit Killer Swords
Debut SDBZ
Appears in SDBZ
Inventor Gyotaro Yaminade
Users Countless
Class Technique

Reisatsuken(礼サッ県, Lit. "Spirit-Murdering Blade") are special spirit-based weapons laying dormant in all living creatures. The one responsible for their creation is Gyotaro Yaminade. They are created as a method of being weapons for those that watch over the , but also as a method of bestowing power and authority upon those throughout the realms of the Other World. Typically, the only the Shiryo of the Rei Society wield them, however there are several pockets of living creatures throughout the universe whom have obtained the ability to manifest and utilize their own Reisatsuken.


All creatures, alive or deceased, have some form of spiritual power within them. This force is generally referred to as "Ki" and is directly amplified or influenced in some way by ones emotions. The Reisatsuken, created by Gyotaro Yaminade, exists for the purpose of personifying those sentiments. Within a creature, a pocket of Ki is formed. This ki is channeled by various thoughts, emotions, sentiments, etc. Over time, ones ki eventualy develops into its own sense of self alltogether, and obtains its own sentience. The Reisatsuken is essentially the final form of that sentience, that INNER self. As ki is a weapon as much as it is an extension of ones own body, The Reisatsuken completely embodies that force in the physical, tangible manifestation of a sword. Shiryo, are given special blades, named Mutou(空剣, Lit. "Empty Sword") which are the devices created by Gyotaro Yaminade. Over extended periods of time, The Mutou resonates with the ki inside a creatures body and begins to draw upon its properties, evolving, and eventually changing into a weapon unto its own. The ki that is fueled by ones own afterthoughts and emotions is drawn out and bonds with the weapon. This process is what gives birth to the Reisatsuken. The Reisatsuken is an extension of ones own physical body and as such it is shown to have its own unique power level completely unto its own existence. 

Upon making a connection with ones Reisatsuken, it is generally encouraged to try and learn the Reisatsukens name. All Reisatsuken have a unique name or title which defines them in their own unique and special ways, but also somehow pertain to their owner with said name. The names of Reisatsuken vary greatly between one another, and no Reisatsuken is capable of holding the same name as another one, as - just like the people who wield them - they are completely and utterly unique, and different to one another greatly.

Releases of Reisatsuken

As it is an extension of ones own body, The Reisatsuken is also something that requires one to achieve mastery over, just as one may master ones own body, martial arts, and techniques, so too must come mastery over ones Reisatsuken. As mentioned above, the core of ones ki develops its own sentience out of constantly being channeled through ones emotions. The Reisatsuken is the fully developed form of this state, and as such, it has become its own living, breathing being. The Reisatsuken is a weapon of great power, its own abilities and powers manifesting in the form of "releases". These releases are identified by two different names. All Reisatsuken are capable of being released twice. There is no level above the second level of release.

Shukai(目覚める驚異, Lit. "Phenomenal Awakening") The first release of a Reisatsuken is achieved by multiple factors. First and foremost, one must have knowledge of their Reisatsukens name, and also have achieved a level of balance as well as a constant connection to the inner spirit of The Reisatsuken. When one has achieved good terms with their Reisatsuken, they are capable of releasing it into its shukai state. All Reisatsuken are released either by a short poem or by a single verbal command, thereafter stating their name. Upon releasing ones Reisatsuken, an dramatic upheaval of ki is theirs to command, usually multiplying their energy and stats by several thousand time. Upon releasing the Shukai of ones Reisatsuken, the weapon itself usually transforms into a completely different weapon or manifestation. When this happens, the special abilities and powers of the Reisatsuken become available to the user to command. Though techniques, powers, abilities, and attacks vary drastically between different Reisatsuken, they can all boast a generally huge amount of power.

Genkai(玄海, Lit. "Limit Awakening") When a person in question gains the full trust of their Reisatsuken's personality, they are capable of calling out the true or "full" name of their Reisatsuken, and unleashing the true extent of their weapons powers and abilities. This awakening causes another drastic increase in ones power level, suddenly multiplying their energy by several hundred thousand times. The Genkai Release provides the user access to the true extent of their Reisatsukens abilities, and through extensive training, they have the ability to learn even more techniques and increase their powers even more while in the Genkai release. Just like their previous release, the Genkai release of ones Reisatsuken varies greatly between users, and may cause a vast variety of different effects, as ones Reisatsuken can take on a completely different physical manifestation and form, being almost completely different to that of its previous state. 

Reisatsuken Cycles

Types of Reisatsuken

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