This article, Raging Mode, is a Role-Play article.

Raging Mode is a transformation used and created by Michael Iron.
Raging Mode
Rage Mode
Anime name Rage Mode
Manga name Rage Mode
Alternate names None
Debut None
Appears in RP Chat
Inventor Michael Iron
Users Michael Iron
Class Energy/Transformation
Color Red
Similar techniques None


You get increased speed and strength and you also go out of control, Michael Iron hasn't even mastered this form yet, that is why he has chances of going crazy and attacking everyone in sight. Raging Mode channels all of your rage into an aura, then right after that you let it all out and you produce a raging form. This form is about as strong as a Supreme Super Saiyan but it isn't proven. Raging Mode takes much training to use or just like the Kaio-ken if you try to use it without training your body will be destroyed. Raging Mode uses much energy to use, but a very powerful form. Raging Mode also can subdue or produce negative energy at any time, which isn't a problem for Iron, since he's a Majin he can already do it.


When the user transforms into this mode, their eyes and there hair turns red. They also get black electricity in the aura when they start powering up.


  • Increased Speed
  • Increased Strength
  • Can produce negative energy
  • Can increase anything else at anytime


  • Michael Iron

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