This article, Pure Soul Cannon, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Pure Soul Cannon, is a Role-Play article.

The Pure Soul Cannon is used by Ryuu , Kotaz , and Scal.

Pure Soul Cannon
Pure Soul Cannon
Anime name Pure Soul Cannon
Manga name Cannon Of Pureness
Debut Topazo's Final Fight
Appears in Roleplay
Inventor Ryuu
Users Ryuu


Class Ki Blast Technique
Color Color Of The Users Aura


The Pure Soul Cannon can only be used by Ryuu and Ryuu alone (unless he teaches it to someone). It takes the pureness of his soul and turns it into a Ki Blast. It was used to all but kill "Him". It is Ryuu's signature move. If anything is evil or impure, it will take it out. If it hits something pure it will just bounce off and do nothing. When an opponent is hit by this blast, if they try to regen, it takes much longer.

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