This article, Posthumans, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Posthumans, is a Role-Play article.

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Posthumans(完璧な人間, Lit. "Perfected Humans") are an ultra powerful, ultra rare species of fanon species imagined and created by TOAA. In their timeline they have ascended to the top of the hierarchy powerful beings, making them the strongest creatures in the entire universe. The Posthumans, as there name suggests, are a hyper advanced species of "perfected human beings" that have overcome imperfection and have obtained absolute power. They are the superior descendants of humanity and ultimately the more powerful, intelligent, and perfected counterparts of their primordial ancestors.

The Posthumans are mysterious and anomolous. They are beyond the notions of the natural world entirely, are much more intelligent than any sentient lifeform in their time or any other and are imperceivably more powerful than most other beings in the universe, including in their time. The dwell on Planet Earth Zeed, a perfect place which is an snythesis of organic and synthetic lifeforms in order to achieve an intelligent design which is far more advanced than anything the previous two life forms could form while seperated.


The Posthumans, being perfected, have no absolute form and can shapeshift to take on any physical shape or form that they can imagine. Their "natural" forms are considered their real base forms and they really appear indifferent to that of their ancestors, save for the greater differentiation/uniqueness in appearance that make them appear different to one another. This is most commonly characterized by their vastly different hair and eye colors, making them all look individual, but one as a unit.

The Posthumans also posess "battle forms" each one of them having incredible understanding of power, war, and combat, aswell as having transcended such concepts all together. While in their battleforms the Posthuman undergoes a complete metamorphisis from head to toe, transforming them into a more foreign being to what most other posthumans look like. All posthumans regardless of power and age have battle forms, and said forms are activated whenever they experience the need to fight or are in danger.


The base most powers of a posthuman seems to be massively enhanced human capabilites. Aside from massive amounts of strength, speed, and superhuman capability, a Posthuman is capable of interacting, controlling, and dominating living and synthetic beings alike in the universe. Their powers may seem miraculous and incredible even by the standards of beings as powerful as saiyans. The posthumans are all modeled after a perfect master pattern that was flawlessly designed by their predecessors, but they are constantly reprogramming and remodeling themselves in order to become even more perfect.


Behind The Scenes

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