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Planet Supreme

On Planet Supreme itself there are many powerful beings and creatures which are dangerous. If you manage to survive upon its gravity, its denizens would most likely crush you with their powerful adaptations and power.

Most of these creatures are not ones you want to meet, and if you do - you most likely will not come out alive.

The Five Great Dragons

The Dragons are the final evolution of creatures on Planet Supreme. They are at the peak of their evolution, and have achieved the capability of molding the Elements, for they have drank from their respective Wells of Eternity, bringing their ability to manipulate the elements to their peak levels.

The Dragons are among the toughest, most resilient creatures to live on Planet Supreme, with the majority of creatures fearing them. Due to them being at the very top of the food chain, and their large diet, these creatures are few in number, the power of them being ever increasing as they grow in age, their size being the most obvious testament to their power. Smaller dragons are rare to come by, for they are constantly in hiding from the larger beasts in store.

Currently, the dragons live in solace, living in their homes at the core of their area, guarding the Well of Eternity. All of them are able to fight and best the strongest of beasts in each area, being one of the strongest few in biological structure. Currently, they are only bested by the Elemental Hydra, who beat them in a straight up battle.

These dragons also constantly interact amongst themselves, sparring and fighting for fun, and also increasing their fighting capability.

Recently, they started having FFAs on Planet Supreme with the Elemental Hydra, in an extremely desolate area, where they met the slumbering Supreme Dragon

Interactions with Geti Goku

Despite knowing that they are far more powerful than he, they respect him for being the creator of his planet(his and the planet’s signature are exactly the same). Of course this doesn’t mean that they worship him(sometimes they knock him around for fun). Because of this, they endowed him the Elemental Armour, where each of the dragons gave their own enhancements to it, granting Goku access to all of their abilities(and immunity to the elements)

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