This article, Planet Razor, is a Role-Play article.

Planet Razor(惑星かみそり) is a special attack used by Rasetsu when making use of his patented Giga Slayer energy sword technique. It is an attack powerful enough to slice any planetary object clean in two, and the full force of the technique is often directed right at his opponents body. It is an infamous signature technique of Rasetsu's and is considered a trademark of his method in battle.


The Planet Razor attack happens when Rasetsu has already unleashed his Giga Slayer technique. He soars high into the sky surpassing the stratosphere and overcharges the swords power, transforming it into an energy sword so large that it appears like an energy wave being shot from earth, Rasetsu himself no longer visible underneath it due to its immense size and light generation. He then swings the titanic sword directly down upon the heads of his enemies and not only annihilates them in the process, but goes on to slice the entire planet in half altogether.

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