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This article, Planet Earth (Lookout RP), is a Role-Play article.


Planet Earth is the homeworld to Humans and an average-sized planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. Earth is part of and head of The Great Empire, and its military forces are the Earth Forces. The capital is Supreme City. Earth, as of Age 1500, has a population of 8 billion and military of 400 million. It is home to the notorious Lookout Crew and Neo Lookout Crew. The Earth Forces are part of the bigger Great Empire Army. It has served as base of most universal threat-based events in recent history.

For more info, see Lookout RP Universe.


Earth orbits a sun and is in the Milky Way Galaxy, in the North Quadrant of the universe. It has one moon. Earth is watched over and 'protected' by the Guardian of Earth, who resides on the Lookout. The EarthNet (or eNet) is a large holographic military protection net that covers the planet with many uses.

Its population is generally 7-8 billion, many of them humans, but also many other races. It has been able to adapt to fluctuating populations. Many refugees and immigrants come to Earth to start new lives.

The official currency across Earth is Zeni (Z). Earth runs on a mixed market economy with fair trade. Dollar bills and coins go from Z1, Z25, Z50, Z100, Z500, Z1000, and the rare Z5000. Faces on the bills are of great leaders, such as Kings from the Furry Dynasty and Kuzon Jr..

Earth is renowned for its education system. It is home to Supreme City University. It has hundreds of other colleges. It also is home to the magical Nu-Del University of the Arcane Arts, in the forest.

Earth's military is the Earth Forces, with an army, navy, space armada, etc. It is part of the Great Empire Forces (when duty calls).


Earth is a globally-unified representative democracy led by the President of Earth (who resides in the ePalace), eCongress, and the eCourts. It was formerly a constitutional monarchy led by a King. Overall, Earth's political system is similar to the United States (whereas the entire planet is the country, counties are states) but also the United Kingdom. Economically, it has a democratic socialist system, with free healthcare and education.

  • The eCongress is a single legislative body. Term limits are 2 years.
  • The eCourt is the judicial body. It is led by a Supreme Justice for life.
  • The President of Earth is the executive body. Term limits are 5 years.

There are 6 counties/sectors on Earth, each headed by a major city. A county is led by a Governor. A city is led by a Mayor.

The EDI (Earth Department of Intelligence) oversees surveillance and spying. The EDR (Earth Department of Relations) oversees all international relations and trade routes. There are several others, including ones for individual races, such as the Namekian Council.


The capital of Earth is Supreme City, the jewel of technological, cultural, and economic height. It is located in front of the Pole to Kami's Lookout. Due to its proximity to West City, they are one giant supercity.
  • West City is the second largest and most diverse city.
  • Central City, formerly the capital of Earth, is the third largest. It was once the height of prosperity until all of its jobs moved to Supreme City.
  • North City, located in the icy tundra, is all big-business. Many corporations/factories are here.
  • South City, located on an island, is a big tourist destination and cultural melting pot. It is seldom taken seriously politically.
  • Satan City is the friendliest and happiest city. It has a history of sports and tournaments. It has many museums.
  • East City is perhaps the worst-off. With economic hardship due to its bad system (which no one bothers changing), it has much crime. It just never got over Nappa destroying it.


Earth has went through many phases in its history. It never began prospering until the Human race (native to Earth) evolved around 200,000 years ago. In a short time, Humans reached a great point of technological advancement. Around this time, the Furry Dynasty began (Kings of Earth). They reigned for several centuries in peace, with their conservative and isolationist policies. Z Fighters' home was Earth, which they protected countless times from supervillains. Goku Jr. became a legend of Earth and is responsible for defining its system and getting its name out, as well as founding Supreme City. All the peace, however, was about to change.

The Lookout Crew began in the 1000s, the same time a massive amount of supervillains began threatening the universe. Their home was Earth, much like the Z-Fighters. Their 85-year reign completely dominated and changed the universal landscape. With the Herulean War and Great Universal Revolution, Earth became a diverse, metropolitan trade-center, many calling it the 'capital of the universe', attracting billions and billions per year (retaining a small population through immigration regulation) and setting precedents for universalization. Earth became the centerplace of all universal political, military, and economic activity.

A pioneer of all this, Kuzon Jr., was raised on and launched his career and started a radical, democratic, liberal universal revolution beginning on Earth. Earth was the centerpoint of attention and technology. He changed the title of King of Earth to President of Earth, as well as its government from a constitutional monarchy to a representative democratic republic. Earth became part and capital of the Great Empire, which he founded.

In the 350 years after the Revolution, Earth slowed down immensely. It once again became isolationist, uneventful, peaceful, and calm. Many have forgotten about Earth. However, this is due to the large amounts of corruption from spacepowers like Kastair United, which had some control. Earth was a victim of this. In 1500, the Neo Lookout Crew appeared, and immediately had an effect, as they took down KU and led the universe back to justice (as it should've been after the revolution).

Detailed history

King Piccolo Wars
Earth began just like real life Planet Earth, 4.6 billion years ago. Humans evolved from apes (following Darwin's Theory of Evolution). Up until Age 461, Earth developed much like the real world culturally and technologically, however, that year, the started when King Piccolo and his demon sons ravaged Earth, terrorizing cities and much more. This ended in Age 501, 40 years later. The effects of the King Piccolo wars were cataclysmic on Earth. Thousands if not millions of people were killed and hundreds of cities and towns completely demolished. Some of the greatest martial artists and other warriors were also killed off, leaving only those such as Master Roshi and Master Shen left to defend the Earth, and subsequently take on pupils of their own. As centuries passed and Earth's population began to rebuild, the story of the King Piccolo wars became nothing but a fairy tale.

Technological Renaissance
Immediately following the reconstruction, Earth was forced to create more advanced and stronger technology to prevent against another conflict from occurring. This resulted in a Renaissance period and Enlightenment, from around 500 to 700. During this time, Earth developed much more high tech technology, and became more futuristic.

Z-Fighter Era
The Z-Fighters formed in 761, a year after Raditz's attack, and was originally composed of Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Gohan, and Yajirobe (and later other members like Vegeta). For the next 3 decades until 790, the Z-Fighters were sworn as Earth, and the universe's, protectors. During this time, many enemies challenged them and Earth was destroyed a few times. The Z-Fighters resolved in the 800s, as they got older and enemies stopped appearing, thus no more warriors came about needing to protect it.

In the 800s, as the Z-Fighters grew old and died, they wrote books about martial arts and spirituality, thus inspiring many more Humans to get into fighting and become stronger. This became an enlightenment period, with many new ideas and technology improved a bit more.

Goku Jr. Era
After his birth in 877, Goku Jr. (HyperNova54) grew into an excellent politician, leader, and philosopher. Goku Jr. founded Supreme City in 916, and it became the official capital of Earth that year. Under Goku Jr., Earth became progressive and adopted a new system of politics and government. Earth became a Constitutional Monarchy instead of Absolute, with Furry IX as the first King to be part of it. After Goku Jr.'s death in the 960s, Earth was a changed planet, and would be a much more diverse place, for the future and on.

Lookout Crew Era
During the 1000s, Earth was still under great influence of Goku Jr.. King Furry XI was crowned in 1035, and reigned for 51 years. During his reign, the Lookout Crew was formed during a rise of enemies in 1040. After this, suddenly, the universe re-realized Earth had universal fighting forces, and enemies began appearing much more, called the Epoch of Evil, and still continues. The Lookout Crew started in 1040 and reigned into the 1100s and was still a fighting force to be reckoned with. During the very early 1100s, universal warfare became a 'thing', and the The Universal Alliance of Galactic Powers (UAGP) was formed, including the Great Empire, which was founded in 1090 by King Kuzon Jr., who was crowned in 1086 upon Furry XI's death. It was no longer just Earth in the fight, now.

Kuzon Jr. became a legendary King on Earth, changing the system and politics. His reign marked the beginning of a golden age, and later, an enlightenment. Under the Lookout Crew, Earth became the most well-protected and highest metropolitan trade planet in history. The position of King was abolished and replaced with President of Earth under KJ.

In the 375 years following the end of the Crew in 1125, Earth went through much change but mostly stayed the same, its system stable. However it began losing attention and became more calm and peaceful.

Neo Lookout Crew Era
In Age 1500, a new fighting group, that would blossom to become the Lookout Crew's successor, formed--the Neo Lookout Crew. As of Age 1500, Planet Earth is much more calm, uneventful, and in utter harmony. No longer the metropolitan and attention capital of the universe, it has no more political turmoil or constant revolution. Those titles were given to other planets over time. One reason behind this is the Second Great Empire, which has a different and more isolationist view than its former. It doesn't become as engaged in universal conflicts or problems, therefore attracting less attention.

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